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"Adventures" as a genre of literature is considered one of the oldest. The first books on the subject appeared in the middle of the XIX century in most European countries. The main reason why the genre began to develop rapidly - the general desire to break away from the grayness of the environment. Adventure Book allows everyone to feel like a hero and immerse themselves in the world of adventure. Its task is not so much to teach the reader as to entertain him.

Library takes into account the huge demand for adventure books, so this section is systematically supplemented with relevant literature. On the site you can read a book online about the adventures of both famous authors and beginners who are just taking the first steps in this direction.

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All works collected on the site are divided into categories. Some are presented in only one, others belong to several at the same time. The genre of adventure itself suggests that the work will be presented in many ways, because it is one of the most diverse. Therefore, when you are looking for a relevant work, pay attention to the cross-sections. For example, "Fairy Tales", "Poetry" and "Travel". If you know the specific title of the work, enter it in the appropriate search box.

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