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the Hearts of Men to =Compassion= and =Tenderness=, this greatest of Evils is found to have the contrary Effect. Whether Men of wicked Minds, through Hopes of Impunity, at these Times of Disorder and Confusion, give their evil Disposition full Scope, which ordinarily is restrained by the Fear of Punishment; or whether it be, that a constant View of Calamities and Distress does so pervert the Minds of Men, as to blot out all Sentiments of Humanity; or whatever else be the Cause: certain it is,

The protection of a water frontier--Pile villages of ancienttimes--Modern pile dwellings--Their geographicdistribution--River-dwellers in old and popular lands--Man'sencroachment upon the sea by reclamation of land--The struggle with thewater--Mound villages in river flood-plains--Social and political gainby control of the water--A factor in early civilization of aridlands--The economy of the water--Fisheries--Factors in maritimeexpansion--Fisheries as nurseries of

rate from behind into the branchial cavity. Now these crabs, which have become more or less estranged from the water, belong to the most different families--the Raninidae (Ranina), Eriphinae (Eriphia gonagra), Grapsoidae (Aratus, Sesarma, etc.), Ocypodidae (Gelasimus, Ocypoda), etc., and the separation of these families must doubtless be referred to a much earlier period than the habit of leaving the water displayed by some of their members. The arrangements connected with aerial respiration,

wenot see that this woman's nerves were crying out for help; that, asher wisest friends, they were appealing for right ways of living; thatthey were pleading for development of the body that had been onlyhalf-trained; that they were beseeching a replacing of morbidness offeeling by those lost joyous happiness-days? Were they not fairlycursing the wrong which had robbed her of the hope and rights of herwomanhood?A new life came when she was twenty-eight, with the saving helper whoheard the cry

light, from the Record and State PaperOffice, and historical societies, will throw much light on thesubject]; and an abundant harvest offers in examining them, bywhich to make an amusing book, illustrative of our provincialwords and ancient manners. I think we cannot avoid arriving at theconclusion, that the Anglo-Saxon dialect, of which I conceive theWestern dialect to be a striking portion, has been graduallygiving way to our polished idiom; and is considered a barbarism,and yet many of the

I do not know, but it must be bad indeed if it inculcates more falsities than are at present foisted upon the young in the name of the Church.I make these remarks simply in the interests of fair play. Far be it from me to suggest that it is desirable that the inculcation of the doctrine of evolution should be made a prominent feature of general education. I agree with Professor Virchow so far, but for very different reasons. It is not that I think the evidence of that doctrine insufficient, but

to the light, which are so general throughout the vegetable kingdom, and occasionally from the light, or transversely with respect to it, are all modified* See Mr. Vines' excellent discussion ('Arbeiten des Bot. Instituts in Wรผrzburg,' B. II. pp. 142, 143, 1878) on this intricate subject. Hofmeister's observations ('Jahreschrifte des Vereins fรผr Vaterl. Naturkunde in Wรผrtemberg,' 1874, p. 211) on the curious movements of Spirogyra, a plant consisting of a single row of cells, are valuable in

t I did not expect to be called upon to speak so soon. Still the bare suggestion that this is the fit and proper time for speech sent me immediately to my task: from it I have returned with such results as I could gather, and also with the wish that those results were more worthy than they are of the greatness of my theme.It is not my intention to lay before you a life of Faraday in the ordinary acceptation of the term. The duty I have to perform is to give you some notion of what he has done

in a Norse Saga as where they are; and if the varnish-brush of later respectability has passed over these memoirs ofthe mighty men of a wild age, here and there, it has notsucceeded in effacing, or even in seriously obscuring, theessential characteristics of the theology traditionally ascribedto their epoch.There is nothing that I have met with in the results of Biblicalcriticism inconsistent with the conviction that these books giveus a fairly trustworthy account of Israelitic life and

f making a wrong deduction from the phenomenonof the calcination of the metals, because of a very importantfactor, the action of the air, which was generally overlooked.And he urged his colleagues of the laboratories to give greaterheed to certain other phenomena that might pass unnoticed in theordinary calcinating process. In his work, The Sceptical Chemist,he showed the reasons for doubting the threefold constitution ofmatter; and in his General History of the Air advanced some noveland