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Read book online «'Her' fears by Isioma Jemimah Okonicha (read full novel TXT) 📕».   Author   -   Isioma Jemimah Okonicha

Fears and worries are enemies to Greatness


She was a widow. Yes she was

She lost her husband and father

of her children about a year ago,

Yet she remained a dedicated mother to

four sons,

But she still had her fears; Ones so strong

And she gave life to them instead.


Her notorious son has been jailed

He’d threatened another with a knife

You cannot bring up these kids

Give them to us, her mother in-law words


“I won’t.” she said “I’m not losing any of my boys.”


She’d sworn to protect all four of them and bring

them up in a right way,

But now it looked like she failed

Kaanu, her oldest son has been jailed

“I feel disgusted how could my own son

try to kill another?”

“This boy will not kill me” she lamented.


It was a loud ring…

“I heard Kaanu was put in jail for stabbing a person”

He was her brother, her sons’ uncle and he sounded


He often called to ask if they were in good health

after she was widowed,

But why has he turned a mocker today?


“It was a threat,” she corrected instantly in a harsh tone

He was her younger brother, she could speak to him

In that manner,

“Do you want me to make a good call?” he genuinely

asked this time,

“No.” she replied after a moment of deep thought

“Ok,” he agreed and ended the call.


"Oh, what have I done?” She regretted

“My Kaanu will not be released today because of me”

“I love my boy, but I still want him to learn some lessons”

“Mummy,” her youngest called. “Guess whose back?” 

he said grinning cheerfully,

“Kaanu…” The widow replied, feeling unsure if she was

happy or sad. 


She was in a deep thought, maybe a trance caused

by fears and worries,

Her oldest had just returned home from school

He was studying to be a writer, he wasn’t in jail

“Mummy, I was nominated for a student award-

he was excited to share the news,

All of his dreams and hopes he shared.


She watched silently and then realized that her son

was on a path of Greatness,

Nothing short of that she was sure

But she couldn’t see it before now; she was busy 

with her fears,

Feeding and nurturing them, ignoring her sons and

their dreams,

Forgetting she had a duty to keep them on a better path.


She learnt a lesson that day

Fears and worries were destructive

She had to conquer them

Those strange entities were not invited on this new life

She’d found,

It had to be Greatness; Nothing less.





Publication Date: 05-10-2020

All Rights Reserved

To greatness without fears

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