Philosophy belongs to the oldest genres of literature. From time immemorial, people, regardless of place of residence, have tried to comprehend the world around them and the laws of existence. Today's philosophy is a special form of mental activity aimed at rational awareness of the world around us, its processes and relations between people.

Ancient and World Philosophy

The word " philosophy " is directly related to the thinkers of ancient Greece. Most Hellenistic authors posed metaphysical questions. In search of answers, they created several models of the world order, some of which contradicted each other.

An invaluable contribution to the development of world philosophy was made by three representatives of ancient Greece: Socrates (he invented a new method of analysis), Plato and Aristotle. The last two received recognition for their work on the systematization of scientific heritage. For many centuries, they remained the most influential people in the scientific community. They were referred to by famous philosophers, theologians and scientists in other fields.

The works of ancient Greek authors for many centuries remained the basis for followers. Neoplatonists and humanists, materialists and empiricists all came from Hellenistic ideas, continuing and supplementing their theses.

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