For two thousand years of existence, Christianity has left a huge cultural heritage. In addition to the Bible, which is the most important book for Christians, there is also a huge number of areas of religious literature, from serious dogmatic works to fiction.

Canonical literature

Canonical literature is the largest number of adapted Christian literature in English. Here you can read the texts of the Old Testament and the Gospels, the texts of the Psalms, theological works and other dogmatic books. In addition, the section presents literature that will help you study the Bible by placing the right emphasis and drawing the right conclusions.

Christian Fiction

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Under the influence of Christian ideology, an incredible amount of fiction was written. Works belonging to this genre allow the reader to rethink the canons familiar from childhood, transfer them to modern reality and help overcome the challenges of today.

Authors of Christian fiction help the reader learn to listen to God, to make difficult decisions that life puts before us. The fascinating plot allows you to immerse yourself in the world of literary heroes and experience together a variety of situations that everyone may face. Such books help not only to delve into Christian dogmas, but also to get to know oneself better, promote self-development.

Why read Christian literature?

Of course, religious fiction can be treated differently. Some people think that the Bible already contains the answers to all the questions, and the rest of the books on religion are not very useful. Others conclude that, in addition to the canonical Bible, it is worth reading books written under the influence of Christianity.

The truth is on both sides. Yes, of course, the Bible is the tuning fork of our lives and the foundation of Christianity. Nevertheless, Christian literature is needed by a wide range of readers, because it helps to find their way to God, motivates people to noble, worthy deeds.

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