Horticulture books are one of the most interesting and wide-ranging sections of specialized literature. Useful tips and rules for growing plants are extremely valuable for those who are fond of breeding different crops. On our portal you can read the book online, for free.

Gardening: not just about trees

Growing fruit and ornamental plants is one of the most common hobbies in the world. So it is not surprising that today there is a huge amount of diverse literature that allows:

  • competently plant and care for garden plants;
  • choose the best plants for the garden, vegetable garden or flower bed, get acquainted with the principles and means of landscape design;
  • learn floristic skills;
  • get detailed information on growing exotic plants.

Maybe you dream of creating an original, miniature garden on the roof of the house or growing exotic, rare plants, or arrange a bonsai on your windowsill? For all those who are interested in certain aspects of gardening, it is extremely important that the right book is always at hand. So now it's possible!

On our portal you will easily find literature that will help fight plant diseases, increase the yield of fruit trees and choose the best plants that will be the decoration of your home. No wonder, because in our time, when humanity has finally realized the need to get closer to nature, the subject of gardening and related fields of knowledge is becoming extremely relevant!

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