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Sarah,lost her parents when she was of fragile age, grew up with her best friend, and is living her stable life with a perfectly paid livelihood and a caring, extremely loving boyfriend. Nothing seems to matter anymore....until the night she finds herself adducted by the man of her nightmares. A simple girl who is forcefully taken from her home and separated from her family to serve almighty Lucifer Ximen Celeste. The cursed hybrid. The most powerful creature of the night, an abomination. A

Ayeleen was a passionate doctor, who achieved her dream after many struggles. She was committed to a man whom she loved for seven years, and he loved her too. They wanted to marry each other with their parents permission after they both will get settled and build their carrier. It was the time when she wanted to tell her parents about him and they both could start a new life, but a nightmare changed her life completely and she was forced to marry a man whom she never even knew. This man named