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Interior and environment design in general is one of the popular trends in art. With the help of original decor and the correct arrangement of furniture in the room, you can achieve an incredible transformation of even a small room. That's why library offers its readers a large selection of unique design literature.

In the catalog you can read an online book about various design trends. These can be simple manuals that set out the basic rules for decorating office or residential premises. Designers and ordinary people, who detail their mistakes when planning a space, are also in great demand. This design book is suitable for those who are on the verge of renovating their own home.

The list is constantly updated with original literature of both experienced professionals and amateurs. Many will be interested to learn simple but quite effective secrets of how you can organize any space. One of the advantages of our virtual library is that all the literature that can be read about design here is in English. However, the original language can be German, Spanish or French. This makes the content accessible to a wide range of readers. You do not need to translate texts yourself, which takes time. All you have to do is choose which design book you are interested in.

To simplify the search for literature, the whole list of works is divided into appropriate categories. Many books belong to related categories at the same time, so they are not only in the "Design" section, but also in close ones. The selected book must be opened separately by clicking on the appropriate button. For the convenience of users, we have provided a button that allows you to create your own unique list of selected literature. You can also share interesting content with your subscribers or friends on social networks.

The most convenient way to read a design book is to open it on the device you use most often. It can be a smartphone from any manufacturer, tablet or laptop. There is no difference in the software - the text will be displayed correctly on iOC and Android. All materials are available free of charge. Note that you can read a design book online on the site without having to download it to your computer.

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A book about making an automatic watering system for plants. I wanted to make this book to document my journey in case someone else out there wants to create something like this.

A different way to conserve rainwater. By using this way a person can conserve all the rainwater. You want to know how? Go ahead and read the book.

Learn how to interior design with a few pointers and color combinations. Find out you to make your home look amazing with a few tweaks (unless of course it already is perfect)

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