Works of art are a huge layer of world culture. They are extremely diverse and multifaceted. This art form is considered one of the oldest, as the history of literature dates back several thousand years.

Fiction is an ambiguous term. It combines a variety of works that differ in style and volume, form and structure. Fiction is divided into three main categories:

  • Epic - tells about events that took place in the past, and the description of the characters is based on their behavior, not on character traits or inner world. Epic works include fables and epics, poems and ballads, myths and fairy tales, as well as novels, stories, short stories.
  • Lyrics - the key role is played by the inner state of the hero, his emotions, impressions and experiences, and events play a secondary role. Lyrics include epistles, ode, elegies and epigrams.
  • Drama - tells about the external world of the hero. Most of the work is in the form of dialogue. Depending on the plot, there are comedies and dramas, tragedies and vaudeville.

The world of fiction is always conditional, created by the author's imagination, even if it is based on real events. Despite the variety of styles, literature is characterized by imagery, metaphor and eloquence.

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Reading fiction is not only interesting, but also extremely useful. Distracting and relaxing, reading, at the same time promotes brain development. People who read a lot of fiction have a great memory and are more able to empathize. Books help to develop vocabulary, imagination and logic. Let's add that those who dream of improving their knowledge of a foreign language should read books by foreign authors in the original language.

In addition, reading fiction is incredibly interesting, this activity is incomparable. Works of world literature, regardless of genre and style, are written in excellent language, and plot twists awaken the imagination, capture attention.

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