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Take Oyl of Flower-de-Lys, Powder of Brimstone, and dry'd Elicampane-Roots, of each a like quantity, and Bay-Salt powdered; mix these Powders with the Oyl, and warm it, anoint, scratch, and make it bleed, it will do well. Tetter. Take Black Ink, Juice of Mint and Vinegar, of each alike, mix them altogether with Powder of Brimstone to a Salve, and anoint it. Worms. Give your Hound Brimstone and new Milk, it will kill them. Gauling. May Butter, yellow Wax and unflackt Lime, made to a Salve, and

ere mounted sculls and oars, footballs and baseballs. The long and proud record of the university was there to be read. All her famous athletes were pictured there, and every one who had fought for his college. Ken realized that here for the first time he was in the atmosphere of college spirit for which the university was famed. What would he not have given for a permanent place in that gallery! But it was too late. He had humiliated the captain of the baseball team. Ken sought out the picture

, distributing silver-pieces blindly among the greedy, outstretched hands."There's none left now. The coal's all burnt up! Let me alone, pesterers." Pretending to be annoyed by this popularity which really flattered him, he opened a passage for himself by a push with his strong arms and escaped by the stairway, running up the steps with the agility of an athlete, while the servants, no longer restrained by his presence, swept and pushed the crowd toward the street. Gallardo passed the

CK AND RAILS. Also there are certain minorobjects--tin ships, Easter eggs, and the like--of which I shall makeincidental mention, that like the kiwi and the duck-billed platypusrefuse to be classified.These we arrange and rearrange in various ways upon our floor, making aworld of them. In doing so we have found out all sorts of pleasantfacts, and also many undesirable possibilities; and very probably ourexperience will help a reader here and there to the former and save himfrom the latter. For

staff, Telling me neither to smile nor to laugh. Buff says 'Baff,' to all his men, And I say 'Baff' to you again. And he neither laughs nor smiles, In spite of all your cunning wiles, But carries his face with a very good grace, And passes his staff to the very next place."If he can repeat all this without laughing, he delivers up his staff to some one else, and takes his seat; but if he laughs, or even smiles, he pays a forfeit before giving it up. * * * * * BLIND MAN'S BUFF In the olden

--Partners and each other--Fitting in their different games--The man to oblige--The policy of the long-handicap man--How he drove and missed in the good old days--On laying your partner a stymie--A preliminary consideration of the round--Handicapping in foursomes--A too delicate reckoning of strokes given and received--A good foursome and the excitement thereof--A caddie killed and a hole lost--A compliment to a golfer. CHAPTER XVIII GOLF FOR LADIES 198 As to its being a ladies' game--A sport

shoulders. Its fellow on the other side of the legs is prepared in exactly the same manner; and the second trestle is a duplicate of the first, with the exception that the directions of the struts are reversed relatively to the C piece, to preserve the symmetry--which, however, is not an important point.[Illustration: FIG. 5.--End elevation of joiner's bench.] Back and Front.--The only operation to be performed on the front piece B and the back G is the notching of them both on the inside faces

Music RushA march is played on the piano and the children march from their seatsin single file around the room. As soon as the music stops, all rush toget into their seats. The last one in, must remain in his seat duringthe second trial. If there is no piano in the room, drumming on the topof a desk will do as well. Change Seat Relay The teacher claps her hands. This is the signal for all to shift oneseat back. The one in the rear seat runs forward and sits in the frontseat. The first aisle to

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to play their very best to win against us. He also admitted that there was open betting going on, with heavy odds on Harmony."Jack sighed. "That all agrees with what came to me in a side way," he explained. "In other words, the way things stand, there will be a big lot of money change hands in case Harmony does win. And those sporting men who came up from the city wouldn't think it out of the way to pay a good fat bribe if they could make sure that some player on the Chester