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Lifeforce Character
Good guy Age
Kat Black (Wife of Brain) 25
Brian Black (Husband of Kat) 26
Eve Black (Daughter of Brain and Kat) 8
Jr Danvers (Ghost and Kat's brother) 26
Jade Danvers (Kat's older sister) 27
Bad guys what they are Age
Jake Gun Warlock 27
Alex Gun Witch 25
Max Pray Warlock 26
Amber Sun Witch 26

About The Story
A young couple named Kat and Brian Black are trying to save their eight-year-old Daughter Eve Black life from witches and Warlocks.
While they are on the run Kat keeps seeing her dead brother Jr Danvers and he tries to points the way to help his little sister and her family. Kat witnessed her brother die sixteen months ago.

They were gun down on Christmas Eve morning and Kat and she hated seeing her daughter crying in Brian's arms and seeing her mom gunned down. Eve couldn't quite crying and Kat can still hear the man’s voice saying, "If you don't stop that girl from crying I'll shot her."

When he said that Jr got off the floor started fighting the man and Kat got up and ran to her daughter and Husband and held onto Eve and told her, "I'll be back baby I promise."

Then Brian stopped her. And Kat said, "I have to go help my brother Brian he needs me. We are a team. We made a promise to each other.
If one of us get in trouble then the other must help. If one of us dies then we died for our family."

Then she ran to help Jr and she took out her cell phone and dial 911. Then she saw Jr fighting for his life and then she heard a gunshot and Jr got on his knees and fell onto the ground.
Then the guy shot her in the shoulder and she fell but got back up. She was holding her hand to where she got shot so she doesn't lose too much blood and then the guy disappeared into thin air. She ran to her brother and held his hand and started to cry and said, "Please Jr please don't die please. I need you brother i really need you right now. Please don't go. Just hang in there. Please."

When Jr looked at her he had tears in his eyes witch Kat wrapped away with her hand. Then he took out a journey and it said, "SECRETS OF WITCHES AND WARLOCKS."

Then he said, "Keep this safe Kat don't let anyone read this only you and Brian are allowed to. I tried my best to protect you, Brian, and Eve. You have to protect Eve and Brian and yourself on your own now. They are coming for Eve Kat. Pro.... tect.... her....."

His head goes down and dies in Kat's arms. And she started to cry and then Eve ran to her,but Kat passed out because of the gun shot.
After that day Kat has been protecting her family ever since.

She has to save her daughter and her family.
And with he brother and sister's help they will protect Eve no matter what happens.

Chapter 1
The Beginning
It was only 3 a.m and Eve started to dry again. So I got up and Brian was still fast asleep. This makes the fifth time this week that she woke up crying.
That's when Brian woke up and put his hands on my shoulders and kissed the back of my neck.

So me and Brian got up and went towards Eve’s bedroom and she was still crying. When Brian and I stepped into her room she had tears going down her face and was sitting on her bed still crying.

She looked up at me and got up and I crouched down and she ran into my arms and I picked her up and kissed the top of her head and she was still crying, but I wrapped her tears away and her black shoulder length hair smelled like her favorite strawberry shampoo and she looked up and smiled at me and her sky blue eyes looked into mine and tears were still going down and I wrapped them away and she laid her head on my chest.

She said, "Mommy, I had that same dream again. Why do I keep having that same dream mommy?"

She looked up at me and she was crying again. Then I sat in the rocking chair and started rocking back and forth to put her back to sleep.
When I looked at Brian he smiled and kissed me goodnight and he knows when Eve has a nightmare I usually rock her to sleep and lay in the bed with her so she doesn't have another nightmare.

Brian said, " We have to tell her soon baby. We can't keep her in the dark. I'm going to bed okay. I love you and please get some sleep. Goodnight Kat. And goodnight Eve. I'll see you tomorrow."

He kissed my lips and then kissed Eve on her cheek. Then he went to bed when I looked down at Eve her eyes were closed and tears were still on her face witch I wrapped off and her breathing started to slow and I knew she was close to sleep, but she opened her eye her eyes and said, "Mommy, can you sing the song that uncle Jr used to sing to me before he went away?"

My brother Jr died saving me and my family. I can still see his lifeless body in my head, tears going down his face and saying, "You have to protect Eve Brian and yourself. They are coming for Eve pro.....tect.... her........"

Then he died in her arms. I wrapped away the tears in my eyes and I looked down at Eve. She got up and wrapped some tears off my face and I held her little tiny hand and I smiled at her. Then she started to cry again.

I said, "Eve don't cry baby.' I wrapped the tears away. 'Don't cry. Mommy will be fine. And yes I will sing the song that uncle Jr sung to you."

She got closer to my side and waited. So I started to rock the chair back and forth and started to sing:

"When the stars come
Out at night and your
About to go to sleep
Just remember how
Much you mean to me
Just don't forget who
Is beside you.
Just close your eyes
Little Eve and I'll be
Here when you wake.
Just close your eyes
Little Eve and I will
Be here when you wake."

After I was done Eve was fast asleep with her arms around my waist and just the sound of her breathing makes me feel like nothing or no one will take my baby girl away from me.
I love to be with my daughter and protecting her, but Brian is right I can't keep her in the dark like nothing will take her away from me, but there are people that want to take her away. I'll tell her when it's time.

So I got out of the rocking chair and picked up Eve and she put her arms around my neck still sound asleep and I laid her on the bed and gave her, her favorite stuff animal and covered her up.
Then I took off my slippers and night-robe and lay beside her and I put my arms around her and she took my hand and she got a little closer to my side and we both went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up next to Eve and I took out her hair from her face and she looked so sweet and peaceful when she is sleeping. So I pick her up, but she woke up. She looked at me with her eyes half-way opened and she just smiled.

I said, "Good morning sweetheart. How are you feeling? You didn't have any more nightmares did you baby?"

Eve just looked at me and shook her head no and then she yawned. That's when Brian came in, he was the most wonderful husband I will ever have. He has the deepest green eyes I ever seen and his golden brown ear length hair shins when the sun hits it. I loved him so much.

Then Brian came towards us and put us in a bear hug. He was really happy for some reason. The smile I loved on him was brighter than ever and much bigger. Then he took Eve and spun her around and the sound of her laughter filled the room and I heard him laughing too. So I couldn't help myself for laughing with them.

Brian then put Eve down and she went to her toy box and Brian put his arms around my waist and kissed the back of my neck and turned me around and kissed me and the whole world disappeared like Brian and I were the only people on the planet. His kiss was so warm and sweet that he broke the kissed and turned me back around and we just watched Eve play. Eve started to play with her dolls. But I was still light headed from Brian's kiss.

Brian said, "Look at her honey. Look how much she grown. Baby I know you don't want to talk about Jr; he gave his life to save us and Eve. Baby you said you wanted to tell and show me something about the Witches and Warlocks. Baby no matter what we won't let them take her or hurt her I promise you that baby."

Then I remembered the Journey that Jr gave me and I had to show it to him so I can tell the rest of the story.
But then the doorbell rang and Brian smiles and left to check who it was. Then Eve wanted me to pick her up. So I picked her up

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