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Elemental Summoner 1

D. Levesque





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Prologue - Destinyโ€™s Champions

Destinyโ€™s Champions

Chapter 1- The Broken Battlemage

Elemental Summoner 1

By D. Levesque

art by peterchu69

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Chapter One

โ€œAlexander, I need you to go back there and fix that leak in the bathroom,โ€ yells my manager from behind the counter as I walk into the store.

Fuck, I hate it when he calls me by my full name. While my given name might be Alexander, I prefer Alex. And why the hell am I fixing a leak? Iโ€™m a clerk. Ever since I told him my father was a renovation expert before he passed away from cancer, heโ€™s decided that somehow his skills had been passed down to me.

โ€œJoshua,โ€ I tell him patiently. โ€œYou know that I tried to fix it last week, and it didnโ€™t work. Man, you need to call a plumber.โ€

โ€œI donโ€™t have that kind of money!โ€ Joshua says with a grimace as I walk up to him. โ€œCan you look at it please?โ€ he begs me.

Technically, I donโ€™t start for another hour. I came in early to get away from the quiet at home, and the empty fridge. My mother, bless her soul, works 70-hour weeks at the hospital as a nurse. I barely get to see her. But this week has been worse than usual. She never even got a chance to do her weekly grocery run, and Iโ€™m not allowed to do it for her since I only pick up junk food.

I had come into work early to grab a drink and a pre-made sandwich and start reading one of the new fantasy books that one of the authors I follow had put out.

I say with a sigh, โ€œSure. But the sandwich is free.โ€

โ€œDeal!โ€ he shouts to my retreating back. โ€œBut only if you can fix it.โ€ I stop, turn around and simply look at him. โ€œFine! Itโ€™s free,โ€ he says gloomily.

I grab a drink and one of the pre-made egg salad sandwiches out of the cooler and head to the back of the store through a door that says โ€˜staff onlyโ€™ on it.

Once on the other side, I open the drink, take a sip, and put it on the staff table. Beside the table are a couple of old torn up leather chairs that are a weird shade of putrid green but are comfortable as fuck, even with the duct tape thatโ€™s there to keep the tears from getting bigger. I open the package for the sandwich and I devour the first half and set it next to the drink.

I place my bag on the chair and taking my sweatshirt off, sigh, and head to the bathroom in the back. The leak in question is coming from the water pipe, thank God, and not the sewer pipe.

Once I get to the bathroom, I pause to look at myself in the mirror thatโ€™s above the sink, next to the toilet. God, I look like shit. Iโ€™m only 26, but I am already starting to let myself go and I look much older. The tire around my waist has gotten bigger, and my work shirt has gotten visibly tighter.

The goatee I started growing two years ago is still there, but you would think I only started it last month. It looks so pathetic. I am sure a 12-year-old could grow a better one. But I keep it there, hoping it will somehow miraculously explode in growth one day miraculously. My receding hairline isnโ€™t helping either. Nor do my eyes that are puffy from lack of sleep. I was up all night playing my addiction; the online game I had been playing for the last three years. To me, it was an escape from my shitty life. In it, I could pretend to be Juxar, the wizard.

I give myself a wan smile in the mirror and bend down and look at the pipe. There is a bucket underneath it to catch the dripping water that is leaking from the joint. Last time I had tried to use some kind of plumbing tape, but it didnโ€™t help, I guess. I look around, and I see Joshuaโ€™s store toolbox sitting next to the wall.

I open it and look to see if the monkey wrench is there. Yep. I turn off the main water to the sink, I remove the offending cable pipe and look at it. The white plumberโ€™s tape is still there, but itโ€™s useful as shit. Fuck, why the hell Joshua doesnโ€™t simply call a plumber is beyond me. The guy keeps saying he doesnโ€™t have money, but he does. He owns fourteen of these stores. This one so happens to be the one closest to his house, which is why he comes to work here.

Using my nail, I remove the white tape and grab a fresh roll of it from the toolbox. Maybe I had put it on wrong? I mean, is there a wrong way? I slowly wrap more tape around the pipe and then look at my handy work when Iโ€™m done. It looks like itโ€™s on differently. Maybe the angle you use when you do it makes a difference? Shrugging, I put the pipe

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