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Raiders of Valhalla Book 1

E.C. Land Elizabeth Knox




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Raiders of Valhalla

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are all products of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblances to persons, organizations, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Raiders of Valhalla. Copyright © 2021 by Elizabeth Knox & E.C. Land. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the authors, except in the case of brief quotations used in articles or reviews. For information, contact Elizabeth Knox or E.C. Land.

Cover Design by Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations

Photographer: Golden Czermak

Models: Heath and Ravyn Roberts

Editing by Jackie Ziegler, Knox Publishing

Formatting by E.C. Land, Knox Publishing

Proofreading by Kim Lubbers, Knox Publishing

Created with Vellum

Trigger Warning

This content is intended for mature audiences only. It contains material that may be viewed as offensive to some readers, including graphic language, dangerous and sexual situations, murder, rape, and extreme violence.



The buzzing of my cell on the nightstand wakes me from a dead sleep. I’d only just gotten to sleep a bit ago after getting to the Inferno’s Clutch MC’s clubhouse out in Arizona. Marker, the Prez of this charter, had called our club in for assistance with a job.

Runes, who’s also the Prez of our club, and I along with the rest of our men did what we do best as Nomads. Being a Raider of Valhalla, we’re ruthless and don’t give a fuck who gets in our way, whereas Marker and his club have to do things a certain way. They’re not a clean club by any means but it doesn’t mean they’re like us.

Stretching a hand out toward the nightstand, I reach for my phone. No one ever calls me this late unless it’s my ex, Amanda. She’s got our three kids down in Florida and the time difference is killer. I wish she’d held off a few hours to call me. With it being the middle of the night, I know something’s got to be wrong. I just don’t know what.

Amanda and I got together years ago, she’d been a wild child. I was taken with her instantly. Only when she’d had our first son, Emil, she decided she couldn’t be on the road constantly living the life with me as a Nomad. Understanding her yet not wanting to give up what we had, I’d put her in the house I’d gotten from my dad. It’s the same place that I grew up in and Amanda loved it.

We tried to make a go of it still but I wasn’t around enough for her, so we’d ended us on a good note. By the time we’d decided this, we’d also had our second son, Oskar, and she wanted to be able to find someone who could be there for her all the time. That person couldn’t be me and she knew it.

Still, every time I’m back that way and visiting with them, I end up in her bed. It’s because of this that on one of my visits, we’d conceived our daughter, Astrid. I hate being away from my kids but it’s in my blood to be on the road. I’m not a person who can stay in one place for long periods of time.

Never have been. My dad says it’s because we’re descendants from Viking lineage that I can’t stay still. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I’ll go with it.

Leaning up on my elbow, I roll to my side to look at the name on the screen to confirm it’s Amanda calling me only to find it’s her sister, Ashley, instead.

Frowning, I swipe a finger across the screen to answer. Ashley doesn’t ever call me. The woman lives in London working some fancy ass job she’d gotten years ago.

“What the hell time is it there for you to be callin’ me?” I mutter, knowing it’s morning where she’s at.

“Soren,” Ashley whispers, and I immediately go into an alert state of mind. She’s one of only two people who have ever been allowed to call me anything other than my road name. But the way she says it now tells me everything isn’t okay. Something’s happened, and I have no doubts about it anymore.

“What’s going on, Ash?” I demand, my gut tightening as I sit up on the bed ready to pounce when needed.

“Soren, she’s gone,” Ashley cries through the line.

“Explain. What do you mean she’s gone. Who?” Heart racing, I don’t want her to say who it is. Not really because I already know who she’s speaking about.

“Amanda. She died in a car accident. The police just got ahold of me because they couldn’t find a number for you,” Ashley says and goes on to explain what the police told her about the accident.


“Where are my kids?” I ask gravelly. My mind paces through all the information she’s given me and she hadn’t mentioned my kids being in the car with her. Some asshole truck driver jack-knifed on the road due to not paying attention to what he’d been doing and killed her on impact.

“They’re at the house with the neighbor. I’ve informed the police and gave DCF permission to let them stay in their home with a friend of the family until you can get there, Soren. I’m sorry and I hate to sound like a bitch, but there’s no way I can get to them quick enough. And with my schedule, the way it is right now, I’ll be lucky to get to the funeral to say my goodbyes,” Ashley murmurs.

I get

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