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Shooting For Justice

Gun For Wells Fargo III

G. Wayne Tilman

Shooting For Justice

Kindle Edition

© Copyright 2021 G. Wayne Tilman

Wolfpack Publishing

5130 S. Fort Apache Road, 215-380

Las Vegas, NV 89148

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means without the prior written consent of the publisher, other than brief quotes for reviews.

This novel is historical fiction. Any historical figures herein are depicted fictionally in the story, other characters are purely the creation of the author.

The opinions expressed in this book are those of the author only and not of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or any other federal agency.

eBook ISBN 978-1-64734-928-8

Paperback ISBN 978-1-64734-929-5


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Shooting For Justice


Appreciation is expressed to Denise Kearns,

Becca Payne, and Susan Stecker

for their contributions as Beta readers.


Wells Fargo Detectives John Pope and Sarah Watson walked out of San Francisco’s exclusive Bohemian Club. They were with their boss, the company’s famous chief detective, James Hume.

The meeting had been unexpected until the day before. The person who had called it was a surprise. He was the president of their firm.

The case offered them was a bigger surprise. They were to be loaned to the US Department of Justice to investigate a potential attack on the safety and sanctity of their country.

The type of attack and specific target were unknown. Also unknown was whether it was a coup attempt, an assassination attempt on President Chester A. Arthur, or both.

Determining the type of attack and target was their assignment. As was stopping the threat at all costs.

Exactly how was left to the two detectives, one a gunfighter and former San Francisco detective, the other, formerly one of the elite women detectives of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

Hume had warned them before they knew anything about the case. He had said it would be the largest and most difficult of their careers.

Though the partners had not yet had the chance to share their feelings on the case, each knew from the other’s body language and expressions, it was worrisome. Hume did also. He had misgivings.

“Let’s go back to my office and chat a bit,” he suggested. He knew they would want to talk with each other at length, but it would have to wait. He had a few unshared details for them first.

They walked back from the club without speaking. Once back behind closed doors, he took a deep breath and began to share what little he knew.

“For my own clarity of thought as well as yours, let me start from the very beginning. I will be more specific than our president, Lloyd Tevis, with whom you just met, is. He’s a big picture man. People like us know the devil is in the details.

“Tevis was called to Washington on a ruse about potential business matters. He met with Attorney General Benjamin H. Brewster. Brewster will be one of the two Cabinet members who will be your direct contact. I was not told who the other person will be. I doubt Tevis was either.

“General Brewster got wind of an imminent threat against the Administration. President Chester Arthur has done some wonderful things. He is accomplishing good way beyond many insiders’ expectations. The people seem to love him. His own cabinet, now largely replaced from the late Garfield’s, apparently does not. This is in spite of the fact he appointed all except one himself,” Hume said.

“Mr. Hume, who was the carryover?” Sarah asked.

“Well, technically the whole cabinet carried over upon the assassination of President Garfield. Over time, Arthur has replaced all except for one. The one, since I suspect he is who you are asking about, is Robert Todd Lincoln. He’s the son of the other slain president. He is the secretary of war. I understand he, like his father, has unimpeachable integrity.”

“Could he be the other direct contact, Boss?” Pope asked.

“Probably. It’s logical. I’m afraid you will have to get there and be told officially by Brewster.

“Now, Tevis expects the world to drop everything and do whatever he says immediately. Like mandating the two of you getting married for the company’s propriety.

“Quite frankly, you don’t have time to have the wedding you deserve. I do not think the company ordering you two to marry is conscionable. Marry now, marry later, or don’t marry at all. Just pretend to be married while you are on the case.” The two nodded appreciatively.

“Do you have any idea of what the threats against the country or the president are?” Pope asked.

“Not a clue.”

“We will be undercover, I guess. Will the government specify cover stories and identities?” Pope continued.

“I do not know, John. This is very hush hush. I will tell you your salaries here will continue, we will cover transportation to and from. Once you get there, you need to negotiate with Brewster about your housing and expense needs. I gathered from Tevis he’s pretty upset and will take good care of you to get this thing to go away.”

“When do you want us to leave?” Sarah asked.

“As soon as possible,” the chief detective said.

“I wonder about taking my horse,” Pope mused.

“I would let the government provide transportation appropriate to the cover they give you.”

“Without having to worry about Caesar,” Pope looked at Sarah, “we should be able to leave tomorrow.” She nodded affirmatively.

“Excellent! I will apprise Tevis and he will telegraph Brewster. ‘Detectives John and Sarah Pope’?” Hume asked as he handed them two very sizeable travel drafts.

“Sounds good to me,” Sarah responded. Pope just grinned at her.

“Stay in touch and let me know if you need anything. No need for

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