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ToAsher, Austin and Cayden, my three grandsons, may they have livesfilled with creativity and adventure

“The Sugmad sends itsmessengers into this world as warriors. None come as doves. They arethe eagles who must seek food for the young. They are the shepherdswho keep the wolves away from the flock.

“The Adepts for the ECK are theswordsmen of the Sugmad. Wherever they travel, the pace of karma isquickened.”

--Paul Twitchell

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Book onep. 4-5

*Sugmad is another word for the Supreme God

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1. Attack on Temple of Light and Sound

2. Trouble at the Feniod Outpost

3. Michio’s Mission Revealed

4. Domed City of Kanai

5. School of Eagles

6. New Threats

7. Jaipar

8. Tension at the Royal Palace

9. Call for Help

10. City of Silver Light

11. Sniper

12. Jaipar Space Station

13. Mission on Flo Shah

14. Twelfth Test

15. New Dangers

16. Stranded in Space

17. Trouble at the Marsindi Palace

18. The Duel

19. Poisoned

20. Death’s Door

21. Antidote

22. Captured

23. Mission

24. Master Bakka

25. Coalition Starship

26. The Marsindi Palace

27. Stepping into Danger

28. Rescue Mission on Haklute

29. Attack on Jaipar

30. King Zanton’s Revenge

31. In the Hands of the Enemy


About the Author

Praise for Star Rider on the Razor’s Edge: Book One of the Star Rider Series


Attack on Temple of Light and Sound

Tismus, Jelmur on Planet Alandra

A spiraling, white galaxy loomedagainst the blackness of space ahead of Toemeka. To her right aglowing orange, blue and golden nebula illuminated the darkness,looking much like a vast multicolored cloud. Hard to believe suchbeauty was merely dust and debris.

She loved being out of her bodyin full consciousness, flying through space. But tonight, she wasn’there for her own pleasure. All day she’d felt uneasy, sensingsomething terrible was about to happen.

Butwhat?Showme.She focused her full attention on the feeling of darkness hovering atthe edge of her consciousness.

Instantly, Toemeka wastransported to another point in space. Before her was a fleet ofimmense Raptor starships under command of Samrat Condor, themerciless dictator who’d conquered many planets in the galaxy.

Fighters soared out of thestarships and headed toward the planet below. Dread filled her. Whowere they attacking?Moving closer, she recognized the shape of the planet’s landmasses.Alandra!

Alandra had been her home planetfor the last seven years. She’d viewed it from this aerialperspective many times when leaving by spacecraft on missions for theCoalition of Free Nations.

The Coalition had recentlyintercepted and broke the codes on some cryptic messages sent betweenRaptor military stations. The messages revealed Raptor Forces plannedto attack Alandra but didn’t reveal when or where the assault wouldtake place.

Toemeka knew why Samrat Condorwanted Alandra. As a planet with plenty of water, lush forests,breathable air and a desirable climate, it could support human life.More importantly, Coalition Headquarters—the main force standingbetween the free world and Samrat Condor’s galactic-wideconquest—was on Alandra.

Fighters flew toward the countryof Jelmur, the location of Coalition Headquarters. Toemeka shiftedher awareness to a control room on one of the starships. A massivewall of monitors appeared before her. She studied the charts andfound the location of key targets—Coalition Headquarters was themain one. She quickly studied other targets.

Her breath suddenly caught in herthroat—the Temple of Light and Sound was on the list. She needed towarn them! Toemeka immediately teleported to the city of Talmiria inher Light Body and flew toward the temple.

Soon the building came into viewwith its tall columns, arches and golden-toned exterior. Matureweeping willows dominated the cultivated front grounds of thebuilding. On one side was a lake with a large fountain and on theother grew a forest.

Far below her, parishionersentered the building for a morning worship service. Among them shespotted a tall, blond man. She gasped, recognizing his familiar walkand build. It was Erling, her close friend and former Coalitionpartner. With him were his parents and two sisters. How could shesave them when she was in her Light Body? She watched helplessly asthey disappeared into the building.

She and Erling had a strong innerconnection; surely their bond would allow her to make contact withhim. Toemeka flew through the roof and into the sanctuary whereseveral hundred people gathered.

She quickly spotted Erling andhis family near the front. Erling looked toward the stage as a priestwalked out from behind the curtain. She landed in the aisle besideErling, not knowing how to reach him.

Perhaps she could touch his mindwith hers. Erling,it’s Toemeka. Heturned in her direction with a puzzled frown. He sensed something butclearly hadn’t heard her inner message. Desperate, she concentratedon appearing before him. Gradually she became more solid, manifestinga semi-transparent form.

Erling’s eyes widened and hegasped, “Toemeka?”

TheTemple is going to be bombed! she exclaimed telepathically. Get outnow!

Unable to sustain even thisghost-like appearance, she faded away like a wisp of smoke. In herLight Body she watched as Erling sprang to his feet.

“A bomb! Everyone out! Hurry!”he yelled.

People turned toward him inconfusion. Erling ran to the lobby with his sister, Breezy, rightbehind him. He tripped the fire alarm and a shrill siren blasted theair. Toemeka followed Erling and Breezy into the nursery and saw himlift a toddler into each of his arms.

“Get the children out!” heshouted to the teachers. Breezy scooped up a baby. Together Erlingand Breezy hurried from the building into the sunlit day. One of theteachers followed them, herding a small group of children who wereold enough to walk.

Getinto the woods,Toemeka said inwardly to Erling, hoping he’d hear her. He usheredthe teacher and children into the shelter of the trees. Then he andBreezy raced back in.

“Be sure Mom and Dad are safe,”Erling said to Breezy. “I’ll get more of the children out.”

Breezy and Erling pushed theirway through panicked

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