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Lucy gives it up for the boss

Jackie White

copyright 2011 Jackie White

The characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, dead or alive, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Author: Jackie White

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Part 1

Lucy hated to admit it, but Gary did look hot in a black suit. She had never seen him dressed up before. When they had been an item, he had always worn jeans or chinos, and a shirt. At work, he always wore baggy, blue overalls - not very flattering. The suit looked new, and Lucy wondered if he had bought it especially for today. He didn’t look comfortable, and kept pulling at his shirt collar. Lucy worked in telesales at The Trader Wine Company. Gary worked in the despatch department. Not long after she had started there, he had made it obvious he fancied her. He had pursued her for months before they had eventually got together at last year’s Christmas party. She’d had more to drink than she had intended, and had ended up giving him a blow job in the stationery cupboard. After that, it had seemed only polite to go out with the guy. But, although Gary was good looking, with a great body, he was dull as dishwater and rubbish in the sack. It had lasted a couple of months, but then Lucy had dumped him. Gary hadn’t spoken to her since.

Lucy had been at Trader Wine for almost two years now. She had left school at sixteen with no meaningful qualifications. She had moved out of the family home at around the same time. Well, not so much moved out, as thrown out. Her mum was only seventeen when she had Lucy. Lucy had never known her father, and had been forced to look out for herself from a very young age. Her mum had always been out somewhere, with someone. After leaving school Lucy managed to find a room in a flat with a girl she knew from school. The girl was a couple of years older than Lucy, and by rights shouldn’t have allowed Lucy to take the room. But she needed the cash, so Lucy moved in. After two years of claiming benefit, and attending one useless job club after another, Lucy managed to land the telesales job at Trader Wine. The turnover of staff was ridiculous. Most people didn’t get through their first day. They couldn’t handle the constant pressure of sales targets. Although Lucy hated the job, she was a natural. She could talk for England, and that was basically the job. It helped that the majority of Lucy’s customers were men. She flirted with them outrageously, even though such behaviour wasn’t encouraged, and certainly wasn’t in the training manual. Her supervisors knew she did it, but turned a blind eye most of the time because Lucy got results. Her sales figures were always in the top five for the department.

Trader Wine was closed for the day as a mark of respect to the founder who had died the previous week. The staff had been told they must attend the memorial service at St Thomas’. Lucy didn’t even know the guy. He was a million years old apparently and had not been seen around the firm for almost a year. Lucy had planned on giving the memorial service a miss until Alison, her best friend in the telesales department, had warned her they would be checking who didn’t turn up. Much as she hated her job, Lucy couldn’t afford to lose it. So there she sat, dressed in black, waiting for the service to begin.

“Shit Lucy,” Alison whispered, pointing at Lucy’s skirt. “Didn’t you have anything more appropriate?”

Lucy shook her head. Black wasn’t a colour she wore very often. The mini skirt she had on was the only black skirt or dress she possessed.

“Your top’s not much better,” Alison said.

Lucy didn’t see what was wrong with the top. It was a plain silk blouse. Nothing anyone could get offended at. Perhaps she had undone one button more than she should have. But she had a great cleavage and didn’t believe in hiding it.

Alison said, “Have you seen Gary?”

“Yeah. He looks good in that suit,” Lucy admitted reluctantly.

“Do you wish you hadn’t dumped him now?”

Before Lucy could answer, music filled the church. When the music eventually finished, everyone sat in silence and waited. A figure in the front row stood up and walked to the lectern.

The man said, “We are here today to pay our respects to Howard Jacobs, the founder of Trader Wine.”

Lucy and Alison were seated close to the back. Even from there Lucy could see the man was good looking.

“Who’s he?” she whispered to Alison.

Alison shrugged.

The man at the lectern continued, “My grandfather founded this company over sixty years ago…”

He was the grandson of Howard Jacobs, founder of Trader Wine. Lucy didn’t pay much attention to the rest of his speech, but she did study the man. He had Jet black hair, was around six feet tall with a lean physique. He looked to be in his early thirties.

The memorial service lasted just under an hour. Lucy lost interest once the grandson had sat down. A few more people paid their tributes to the founder before everyone moved across the road to the Grassmoor Hotel.

“Don’t go mad!” Alison said. She was worried Lucy would see the free bar as a licence to get hammered. “You don’t want to lose your job.”

Lucy downed the vodka in one and said, “You worry too much.”

Lucy had hoped she’d get a closer look at the grandson once they moved to the hotel, but he was nowhere to be seen. Gary was there though. He had been hovering around their table ever since Lucy and Alison had sat down. Lucy suspected he was hoping for a repeat performance of the Christmas party. It was a couple of months

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