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Dark Justice

Kristi Belcamino

Copyright © 2021 by Kristi Belcamino

All rights reserved.

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Dark Justice

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Dark Justice

A ruthless killer intent on wreaking havoc in San Francisco through a series of senseless slayings will do anything to escape detection, including making sure Gia Santella is the one who takes the fall ...

After years abroad, Gia Santella has finally gone home to San Francisco searching for meaning in a life full of loss.

As she reconnects with old friends and attempts to carve out a new life for herself, she is unknowingly caught up in the machinations of a killer intent on escaping capture.

When detectives start digging into her past and ultimately accuse her of murder, Gia finds herself in the fight of her life to not only prove her innocence, but also to stop the slaying of more innocent people.

Author’s Note: Dark Justice—the 13th book in the USA TODAY Bestselling Gia Santella Crime Thriller series—is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat, bestselling thriller with a flawed but big-hearted vigilante heroine who loves nothing better than kicking butt and taking names for those who can't do so themselves. If you like take-charge heroines, fast-paced page turners, and gritty dramas, then you’ll love Kristi Belcamino’s tale of revenge.

Buy Dark Justice to create your own brand of justice today!

Order of USA Today Bestselling series:

Vendetta (formally called City of the Dead)

Vigilante (formally called Forgotten Island)

Dark Night of the Soul

Black Widow

Day of the Dead

Border Line

Night Fall

Stone Cold

Cold as Death

Cold Blooded

Dark Shadows

Dark Vengeance

Dark Justice

Deadly Justice (October 2021)

Praise for Dark Justice

“The best book yet in this series.  As bad as Gia can be we still can't help loving her.  The characters are immensely captivating.  The plot grabs you and holds you in tense and heartfelt events.  Gia has good friends who are willing to go that extra mile and she will always return the favor. Highly Recommended.” - Michelle, Advanced Review Team

“Explosive, action filled as Gia jumps into another hair raising adventure readers will love to the end.” - Ellen White, Goodreads

“Another excellent Gia book! … A great book full of action … Loved it!” - Leslie Whitaker, Goodreads

“Gia’s back! Our favorite kick-a$$ heroine does it again! Suspenseful. Entertaining. Fast-paced. My fave author Kristi delivers again!! Major fomo if you don’t grab it quick!” - Brigette Gregory-Slayter


I was dying for a cigarette.

But the senator standing before me in his tuxedo droned on about his pancreatitis and how he could only drink top shelf bourbon or he’d end up in the hospital or something.


I tried not to be obvious as I glanced over his shoulder at the rest of the chandelier-lit room. The backdrop on four sides was the San Francisco skyline at night—one of my favorite views in the world.

Although the music at the gala was low and sultry, the clink of Champagne glasses and rustle of silk and taffeta and the murmur of drunken voices made it difficult for me to hear what the senator was saying.

And that was just fine by me.

I was sort of zoning out, thinking that maybe instead of a cigarette I could rustle up a joint from one of the cute waiters. I tried to make eye contact with one who looked like he might have some weed on him. He was dressed in the required black button-down shirt and black slacks, but something about him was laissez faire. Maybe it was his hair, longer than the other waiters, or the slight scruff under his lower lip, or the tattoo that snaked around his wrist that gave him such a bad-boy air.

I caught his eye as he headed to the kitchen with a tray full of empty glasses. He did a double take and then slowly looked me up and down before smiling.

It made me feel like a pervert.

Was he even eighteen?

I knew I didn’t look my age in my black dress and stilettos, but even if I knocked off a few years, I could be his mother.

I silently sent him a message: I’m not trying to fuck you, I just want your drugs.

At that point, I became obsessed with getting high to make it through the evening, so I wasn’t really very focused when the senator leaned in and repeated a question I apparently hadn’t heard.

I backed up. His breath was atrocious.

Over his shoulder, I saw another VIP making a beeline for me.

Everyone wanted to talk to me tonight.

The senator was the fourth dignitary to waylay me.

For the millionth time, I tried to catch Dante’s eye, but he was deep in conversation with the head of the Chamber of Commerce. Shit. It was all Dante’s fault I was here. He owed me big time.

My scalp tingled a little bit, and I turned to see Nicoletta Marchese looking at me. She tossed her strawberry blonde hair and gave me a smile before turning away, leaning down toward James’s wheelchair to whisper something in his ear.

My face burned.

Obviously, she’d wanted me to see.

I swallowed back the lump of jealousy. That ship had sailed years ago. He was no longer mine and never would be again. Despite what had happened.

But he was too good for her.

There was something about the willowy opera singer that made me wary.

It wasn’t

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