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Sheriff Daddy

Laylah Roberts

Laylah Roberts.

Sheriff Daddy.

© 2021, Laylah Roberts.

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Georgina James stared up at the building with trepidation.

What was wrong with her? All she had to do was walk in there. It wasn’t that hard. She was an FBI agent. She’d been in hundreds of high-stress, dangerous situations.

And yet, here was she, nervous to walk into a sheriff’s department.


If her family could see her now . . .

No. Don’t think about that.

Already, she could feel herself getting sweaty from nerves. Calm down.

A funny feeling ran through her, as though she was being watched but she shook it off. She was a stranger in a small town. Of course she was going to be stared at. And it was probably just her nerves making her feel self-conscious.

She’d never done anything like this before.

When was the last time she’d felt anything? Anything good? When he’d kissed her, it was like the whole world had woken up around her. There was color. Her life had been gray for so long, she’d forgotten what it was like to feel pleasure. Happiness.

Safe. She’d felt so safe. Safer than any security system or training or firearms could make her feel. Like nothing could harm her, physically or emotionally.

Georgina looked up at the door and shook the nerves out of her hands. She could do this.

And she took the first step that led up to the Wishingbone Sheriff’s Department.

And Sheriff Ed Granger.

Ed took a sip of coffee, then immediately spit it back out.

“Kiesha!” he roared, grabbing for a tissue to mop at the mess he’d made of the papers scattered across his desk.

“Yeah, boss man?” she yelled back.

He scowled. “Get in here.”

Normally, he wouldn’t talk to people he worked with like that . . . ahh, shit, who was he kidding?

But he’d known Kiesha since she was in diapers. Their mothers had been best friends. Mostly, he’d always felt like she was his younger sister. His bratty, annoying, should-have-been-spanked-more-often little sister.

She appeared in his doorway. On roller skates. With a sucker in her mouth. He closed his eyes and sighed. “How many times have I told you that you can’t wear roller skates at work?”

“How many times have I told you that if you keep frowning like that you’re gonna have more wrinkles than you already do? Besides, I don’t see why I can’t wear roller skates. Steven brought a friend in yesterday whose pants were halfway down his ass. Now, if I have to see hairy ass crack, I don’t get why people would object to me wearing roller skates.”

“That guy wasn’t Steven’s friend, Kiesha. It was someone he’d arrested. And roller skates aren’t appropriate for a sheriff’s department.”

Kiesha sighed and rolled her eyes. Lord help the man who ever took on this brat. They’d have to have far more patience than Ed. He’d always thought he was rather even-tempered. Kiesha was proof that wasn’t exactly true.

She slammed a hand down on her hip, giving him a bored look. “Is that why you called me in here? To ream me out over my footwear choices?”

Do not respond. Do not snap.

“I called you in here because my coffee tastes like salt.”


“So you made it for me! Did you put salt in my coffee?”

“Hey, if you don’t like the way I make your coffee then you know what to do, right? Make it yourself.”

“Kiesha!” he snapped. Had she really put salt in his coffee just because she objected to him asking her to make him one? She . . . that . . . it . . . fuck, he didn’t even have words.

“Gotta go! Got work to do, don’t get paid to sit around and chat with you all day.”

She disappeared. He thought about taking off after her. For all of five seconds. But that conversation would just go from bad to worse.

He really knew better than to ask her for coffee. That sort of stuff just pissed her off. Closing his eyes, he leaned his head against the back of his chair.

“Should have spanked her harder. Seems I was too lenient. Obviously, I did something terrible in a former life to deserve this.”

“Excuse me?”

He shot up, his chair rolling out and crashing into the wall behind him as he stood. He hid a wince at the noise it

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