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Passion of the Vampire King

Bella Klaus


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Night of the Vampire King

Copyright © 2020 by Bella Klaus.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher.

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Chapter One

I squeezed my eyes shut, blocking out the sight of the enforcers at the door of my cupboard as well as Captain Zella’s looming presence. With the forensic magic making it impossible to move anything except my eyes, closing them was the only way to distance myself from my predicament.

A cool draft drifted into the cupboard, bringing with it the mingled scents of disinfectant and wood polish. When I destroyed Kresnik’s wards, the pop of magic must have alerted the Supernatural Council. Logris was only twelve miles away from Hampstead Heath, and it had taken the enforcers no time at all to descend on Kenwood House.

Fear wrapped around my ribcage like a corset, and dread pulled its strings taut. Of all the times for the Council to catch up with me, why now, when I was defenseless and alone?

“Hemera Griffin?” Captain Zella’s sharp voice cut through my thoughts, making my eyes snap open.

Light from the hallway streamed into my cupboard, bringing the enforcers’ features into sharp focus. I recognized three of the quartet by the door from the time I tried to escape from their jail.

I threw my weight back but the forensic light held me in place. The cupboard’s walls closed in on me like the sides of a coffin. All I needed was a stake through the heart because I was as good as dead.

A shard of light streamed in from the overhead window, illuminating the gleam in Captain Zella’s eyes. “You know the drill by now.”

Despite the reaper’s cloak Valentine had draped over my body after we’d had sex against the door, a cold shudder skittered down my back. Where did he go? I was grateful he didn’t take me to Kresnik, but he could have at least stuck around to make sure I got out of Kenwood House safe.

Captain Zella extracted a handheld device from her pocket and raised me off my feet. My stomach lurched, and it took every ounce of self-control not to retch. The last time the woman arrested me, she had kept me unconscious for days while the Council tested my power, transfused my blood, put me on trial and sentenced me to death, only to waken for a second trial to determine the nature of my magic.

She turned on her heel and marched out of the closet, floating my body out into the enforcer-lined hallway of Kenwood House. All the lights were on, but not a trace of fire magic hung in the air. Either Kresnik had restored the wards and locked me out in the Human World or whatever I did to destroy the wards was permanent.

Footsteps thundered behind us as Captain Zella’s team rushed into the cupboard, presumably to collect forensic evidence. Of what, I didn’t know. I hadn’t committed any crimes… At least not recently.

The captain strode at my side in silence, not sparing me a sympathetic glance, and my gaze wandered over the turquoise walls. Gone were the paintings of the sun god, replaced by watercolors depicting the house and surrounding landscape.

Another group of enforcers in full body armor stood at the end of the hallway, adding to my mounting dread. My mind conjured up scenarios about my impending execution, turning my breaths shallow. The enforcers wouldn’t just put me to death. When they brought me back to the Supernatural Council, the Mage King would be waiting, ready to perform a slew of experiments on my body and exact his revenge for when I stabbed him in the dick with a reaper’s dagger.

My stomach plummeted and palpitations squeezed my chest. I was in such deep shit.

Where did Valentine go? My breaths quickened to the point where the air barely grazed the tops of my lungs. Where was Hades?

Annoyance crackled against my skin. That wretched Demon King and I had a deal. He was supposed to protect me from the wrath of the Supernatural Council. The moment Hades got his body back, he made a few innuendos only to disappear and to leave me to get arrested. Typical.

As we rounded the corner, I caught sight of the circular table where the candelabra had once stood. There was no sign of the candlestick holder, but it had existed in the other realm—the one Kresnik and Father Jude had maintained with their magic.

Six enforcers clad in black helmets blocked the doorway, each carrying oversized rifles with power gauges that glowed a sickly green. An array of holsters wrapped around their armored bodies, which bulged with the bulk of their weapons. I gulped. These people had come prepared for war.

“Hmmmm!” I tried to make a noise in the back of my throat to get Captain Zella’s attention.

The taller woman gazed down at me, her angular features pinched into a frown. “You’ll have an opportunity to say your final words before the execution.”

My adrenaline spiked, doubling my already rapid heart rate. She said execution, not trial. They probably hadn’t bothered to overturn my guilty verdict for Valentine’s murder. Not that it mattered when being a fire user meant an immediate death sentence. It wasn’t like he’d been in a position to clear my name while under the control of the Mage King.

The enforcers at the exit opened the double doors, letting in a blast of cold air and the scent of traffic and trees. Beyond the exit was Kenwood House’s paved courtyard, floodlit by magic and crawling with more agents of the Supernatural

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