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Fiona Quinn

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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Chapter Forty

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About the Author




To my dear sister, Melissa Berman,

Thank you for your love, kindness, and the encouragement

 you’ve given me from my very first steps on this journey.

I am ever appreciative.

The World of Iniquus

Ubicumque, Quoties. Quidquid

Iniquus - /iˈni/kwus/- our strength is unequaled, our tactics unfair – we stretch the law to its breaking point. We do whatever is necessary to bring the enemy down.

The Lynx Series

Weakest Lynx

Missing Lynx

Chain Lynx

Cuff Lynx

Gulf Lynx

Hyper Lynx

Strike Force


JACK Be Quick


Uncommon Enemies





FBI Joint Task Force

Open Secret

Cold Red

Even Odds

Kate Hamilton Mysteries




Cerberus Tactical K9 Team Alpha

Survival Instinct

Protective Instinct

Defender's Instinct

Delta Force Echo

Danger Signs

Danger Zone (2021)

Danger Close (2021)

 The Players




The Mastermind – Indigo (Deceased)

The Moneybags – Sylanos

The Private Army – Omega

The Political Cover – The Assembly

The Diner

Jim – the owner

Destiny – server

Barb – Server

Nicole – Server

Huahine – Short-order cook


Strike Force

Gator and Christen

Striker and Lynx

Jack and Suz

Deep and Grace

Blaze and Faith

Reaper and Kate





John Black

Johnna White





Special Agent in Charge Damian Prescott

Special Agent Steve Finley

Dr. Gupta Ph.D.

Modesty (Destiny) asset

Cerberus Tactical K9

Ridge and K9 Zeus

Ryder and K9 Voodoo

Delta Force Echo

Ty and Kira

Davidson Family and Friends

William and London Davidson – father and stepmother

Christen Davidson - daughter

Karl Davidson – eldest son

Rochambeau Family

Mama Rochambeau




London Bridges

London Bridges falling down,

Falling down,

Falling down.

London Bridges falling down,

My fair Lady.

Build it up with iron and steel,

Iron and steel,

iron and steel,

Build it up with iron and steel,

My fair lady.

Iron and steel will bend and bow,

Bend and bow,

bend and bow,

Iron and steel will bend and bow,

My fair lady.

Build it up with silver and gold,

Silver and gold,

silver and gold,

Build it up with silver and gold,

My fair lady.

Chapter One

It was such a relief when my phone’s buzz suddenly yanked me awake.

Mentally thrashing through an endless dream, I was too exhausted to stay asleep.

I had gone to bed last night braced for torment—whether it showed up as warm, loving pictures or angst-filled ones. Either would make my heart bleed.

Today was Mom’s birthday.

In my life, which was overflowing with heroes, she stood out as the miracle maker. I missed her dearly.

All day yesterday, childhood memories had been popping up.

My brain had been feeding them to me like bon bons.

Closing my eyes, I savored each one.

The flavor on my tongue of Mom’s extra-special raspberry chocolate rum cake. The warmth of her voice as she whispered, “You’re my favorite,” into my ear. The earnestness in her eyes as she gave me good counsel or just stared out the window, thinking.

I remembered Mom as bright slashes of color on her pallet as she brought her imagination into a tangible form on a canvas.

Whenever I saw a bouquet of flowers, she was there in the richness of the hues and the delicacy of the petals, easily bruised and crushed.

She was still part of my every day.

Painfully sometimes. Joyfully sometimes.

The emptiness she left was only made more acute this last week as I probed around my memories like a tongue finding and fiddling with the space from a lost childhood tooth.

Only this ache didn’t come with the expected Tooth Fairy reward. Or knowing that another tooth would come in and replace the baby one that had fallen out.

Nothing could replace Mom.

There were just certain days that were more biting than others. Her birthday was always the hardest for me.

My life growing up had been enchanted. My parents had given me the Willy Wonka gold ticket of childhoods. Living a working-class lifestyle, my father seemingly owned a garage and acted as a mechanic. I believed that to be true until last year. That’s when I discovered that the garage was a cover story for his actual job as a CIA officer.

Though my family didn’t have a lot of material trappings, I never felt want. My parents filled my life with the colorful, the exciting, even the fantastical at times. And they brought into my unschooled education a parade of amazing people to mentor and teach me, despite Mom’s being sick for almost all of my life.

Mom’s imminent death had been part of my every day. And because I kept expecting her to die and then she didn’t, I convinced myself she’d always beat the odds. That she’d be able to stay in her bed where she’d always been, making a nest of pillows for me to join her. I’d cuddle up to listen to her read to me. Or I’d draw quietly while she slept…

Dad had positioned the parental king-sized bed in such a way that we could watch through the window as airplanes flew low in the sky on the way to one of the D.C. airports. We’d tell each

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