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First of all, thank you for clicking on my story, I am no expert in writing and I'm glad you wanted to give my story a chance. If you do not like the chapters, please be patient and try to read other chapters too. I am trying to build a story and being a first-time writer, it is hard to make the book interesting in the first two chapters, but I promise that I will try to make it more interesting.

Warning: This is a dark romance, and I can say that this is not vanilla, this book will contain a lot of triggers. The killings will be in extremely graphic detail. If you are uncomfortable, please know that this story is not for you. Hope you all understand the setting is in the mafia world and mafias don't do charities, they kill people, cruelly if I might add. Please don't come after me, I'm letting everyone know beforehand. 

Lastly, this book wouldn't have been possible without my buddy Anusha. Rafael is her psychopath. please stick around. I promise I'll make it worth your wait.

Please comment, vote, and do mention what I need to improve on, I will work on it.

If you like this book or its chapters, please like, vote, comment, and follow me,  it will help me in long run, and also knowing readers are enjoying my writing gives me the motivation to write. 

I do not own the cover, or any images I am going to publish in this story, they are from either Pinterest or Google, this story is based on some incidents of my life, some I gathered from other experiences, and some are fictional.

"All rights reserved." 

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