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Chapter 1


Her very lingual name only made my dick even harder after approaching that beautiful and enigmatic woman waiting alone at the bar. It's not uncommon for such beautiful girls to come alone to this kind of place, most of them stand at the edge of the bar waiting for a guy to come over to pay for their drink and offer them an extra one. Some come looking for a husband, and others look for money offering a prostitution service, but we could say that none of them is interested in finding love.

Unfortunately for a woman as bestial as the one I have right now by my side. Bare-shouldered with long, wavy auburn hair falling on her bare back in her dress edged with sparkling gemstones that sit perfectly against her gorgeous skin.

For my part. I have to force myself to loosen the knot of my tie as it begins to tighten as well as my belt and my fly, but it would not be the right thing to loosen them in this place. Besides that this girl, "Gigi" seems to have something else, something that allows me to think that she would not be excited if I did such a thing but would scare her away since she seems to keep on her side as if she did not care that I am here ready to give everything to her sculptural body.

"And may I know what brings you to Milan...Gigi?" "Hell, I have to stop mentioning her name like it's some weird fetish, or else she'll end up looking at me weird."

"I work," she tells me.

”You don't seem to have an accent very typical of these places bordering the Alps. Where are you from?”

”From the south.”

"Uh… Rome? Or further south?”


Wow, if she got paid to be sharp, I think she'd be a millionaire. Even so, it fascinates me that she tries to evade me, perhaps she knows the kind of women I like and that is why she maintains that gesture.

I can also feel the weight of the gaze of my friends, and business colleagues with whom we go out from time to time. I am the youngest of the whole group. While they are around thirty-five, I am about seven years younger. Even so, I was never bad at seduction strategies.

But you see this woman is costing me.

"And what do you do, Southern woman?"

She looks at me and seems uncomfortable. Damn, what am I doing wrong? just show me the way to go.

”I have a…business.”

Oh, wow. An enterprising girl. “You know, I have a company linked to investment groups and capital teams. We could provide help if necessary, as long as you let me know what it is.”

“Can I offer you money directly?”

She seems to feel insulted as she says to one of the bartenders:

”Excuse me, bring me the bill, please.”

”Hey? Wait, I'll invite you, don't worry,” I rush to tell her, and then I go to the guy with the drinks. “Add it to my frequent account, please.”

"Yes, sir," he replies.

And, to my surprise, this manages to pull a full sentence out of that meaty mouth of hers:

“You seem to be a regular at the Terrazza.”

"Let's say yes."

In that, a very attractive girl who does not compare at all with the bombshell that is Gigi approaches me and asks me from a very inappropriate distance, but who seems to have been studying the limited responses of my interlocutor:

”Excuse me, handsome, do you have a light?”


She takes a deep breath, gets up from the bar, and heads off in the opposite direction. Nope! Don't go yet, damn it!

"Sorry, I don't have any for you" is my curt reply and I go after her.

"Wait!" I tell her, trying to push aside the people who are piling up in front of me and closing the space between us.

For an instant, I notice her gaze like a flash until she disappears from my sight. Not for long. A few meters away lies the women's bathroom. Wow, now I understand, it wouldn't be the first time I've ended up fucking in the bathroom of a nightclub.

I try to wait for her outside, but anxiety consumes me, if I have interpreted her signals correctly, she dragged me to this place for something more intimate. She's a girl who likes to play dirty huh?

"Stop right there, man," a guy guarding the entrance tells me. What is a man doing with access to the entrance to the women's restroom? “Where do you think you're going?” —Then I recognize that it is  Daniel, he is from the security at the Terrazza floor where transgender target shows are held and matters that are not those that correspond to those of us who come to this floor. He can be here and take care of women without them feeling harassed by him since I know him and it's not his sexual preference. On weekdays, he is sent to this sector and that is why I know almost everyone in this high-net-worth club. “Where do you think you're going?”

The guy who is over six feet tall (I'm barely over six feet, but I don't want any trouble anyway) crosses his arms in front of me and stares at me menacingly.

“My girlfriend just came in and she needs help.”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ... 86
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