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It's time to consummate our Marriage" Roman said as he walked inside the room.

"I am not interested" I said with fear as I stood up from his couch.

"And why are you not interested?' he asked.

"I am only giving my body to the man I love" I said curtly.

"Really? We are married come on, I need to be inside my wife now" He said as he moved closer to me. "This room is not only decorated for decorating sake. It means something" he said as he got before me.

"Come on, wifey, corporate tonight or else you will see the worst of me." He said on the bed as he clapped his hands, the door opened and men came in with boxes. They placed the boxes on the floor and went out.

I looked at them with curiosity.

"Irina, Have you ever heard of BDSM?" He asked. This is the first time he will call my name.

But what's BDSM? He opened the boxes bringing out the items there.

"No, what's the meaning?" I asked him with curiosity.

"And what are you doing with ropes and wipes?" I asked again.

"Have you ever even had sex?" He asked angrily.

I was quiet for sometime for sometimes, feeling shy.

"No" I said hesitantly.

"Your stupid father caged you your whole life, that's so stupid of him. We don't kill woman here, we only deal with men. He should have let you out" he said.

"Don't ask me any questions again, your innocent is annoying, I promise. I hate naive girls"he scoffed.

"Get on the bed" he commanded.

"What?" I asked.

"Get on the freaking bed, don't force me to help you in getting on the bed, bitch"




The Alexei And Anton family has been at war for ages. The war started from their ancestors. These two families are the most powerful mafia in Russia. They compete between each other, they fight and kill themselves but still the winner never emerges.

The Alexei family killed more than five  powerful men from the Anton family while the Anton family killed eight powerful men from the Alexei family. 

They hated each other and the whole of Russia knew that. Uttering Aton family names beside an Alexei is death for the person that uttered the name and vice versa. 

The children of the two families grew up hating each other since.

Then a new mafia family emerged to overpower them, no doubt, this new family is the most powerful among the three which means the Alexei and Anton family must cooperate to overpower this new mafia family.


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