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Assalamualaikum everyone , thanks for choosing to read this bookย  please keep this in mind , whatever you are going to read in this story is completely fictional and my imagination , characters and their name all the copyright belongs to me .

This book belongs to all those people who think their sins are too much to be forgiven by Allah s.w.t and all those people who lost hope ,aloneย  or depressed or feel like their is no one to love them . Well just so you know all paths leads you to Allah s.w.t .

And please don't be a silent reader I want to know your opinion about each and every chapter .

Thank you

Happy reading...


โ€œFor indeed, with hardship ease.โ€ - ...

Author p.o.v

" Pl- please please leave me " the man beg holding his shivering hand covered in blood . His heart beating rapidly in his chest fear was evident in his eyes .

" I - I promise I won't do the same mistake .... I won't tell anyone the- they blackmail me or else I wouldn't have done anything Khalid I beg you please leave me I have children and wife to take care off have some humanity " He cried fearing for his life .

Khalid scratch his forehead with the gun and lean toward him sitting in his chair like a king while the man kneel infront of him begging for his life .

He look at him menacingly "ย 
you should have known Thomas by now , there is no humanity in me "he growl lowly .

The man eyes widen with the blink of an eye Khalid pull the trigger on his head splashing the blood on his face the man fell down with a loud thud .

Khalid extended his hand with a poker face quickly a man wearing white and black uniform came in front of him handing over a white towel . He wipe the blood from his face and glance at the lifeless body .

" Did you find out who sent him " He ask the man in authoritative voice.

" Yes sir ... Our men will finish him soon " he bowed his head infront of him out of respect .

Khalidย  wipe his bloody hand '' Don't he is my prey I will hunt him by myself " he smirk .


It was just like any other day , a hot August afternoon , the weather was so oppressive that even the birds are resting on the twig under the shadow of leaves .

The road is almost empty except few people working under scorching heat .

A black Mercedes Benz car stop few distance from red light , black glass roll down revealing a hand from the window holding cigrette between his two finger .

Taking off his shady blue google's his eyes saw two poor kids carving gaze at the small stall of food . There tore clothes is enough to tell their painful story . There was anger overwhelmed his chest remembering glimpse of his past .

He look away clenching his fist , red light turn green signing his car to move ahead , holding his gear in tight grip he was about to start his car when found those poor kids again but this time they weren't alone .

A women wearing a blue loose abaya covering her from head to toe kneeling in front of those kid who had a smile on their innocent faces .

Look away !!!

His sub concious warn him but like always he ignored and stared at the lady . He cannot see her face except her dark black eyes .

Holding both the kids hand firmly , she cross the road looking right to left in between passing infront of the car of Khalid Mirza the most feared mafiaย  . Curious of what she is going to do next , he lean forward to have better view of them .

The abaya girl brought two plates filled with food placing in front of those hungry kids . Watching the foodย  a bright smile appear on the faces of poor kid like they posses the power to brighten the day .

Watching her kind act unconsciously his lip twitch , a warm feeling replace the overwhelming anger in his heart . Suddenly the girl eyes met Khalid dark sea green eyes , his heart skip a beat but she is forbidden for him . He saw something in her eyes held disappointment , disgust , realisation hit when his eyes followed her's .

Cigrette ....

Lowering his both eyes in grimace , he felt offended . She judge him like everyone .

He intentionally puff one last time in front of him before throwing cigrette on the ground .Rolling up the black glass feeling angrier then before , he zoom past car from mud splashing all over her dress .

He heard her shriekedย  , a satisfying smile a appear on his leaving .

Yes he is the monster a ruthless monster no one can mess with .

Amira Sultan p.o.v

I was watching man shouting on his wife badly , I felt disgust , disappointed and feeling bad for the women when all of a sudden a car zoom past splashing all the mud on my new abaya .

" Oh no ..." I look down my dress horrified .

With tearful eyes I look at the black car, that man didn't even have the audacity to stop and say sorry .

" Chivalry is dead in this world " I felt immensely anger .

Clenching my fist , I felt my blood boil inside , all of a sudden I felt my cheeks turning hot remembering the word of prophet Mohammed S.A.W ( be peace be upon him ) that if you become angry while standing, then sit down, and if you are sitting down, then lie down. It is a physical motion to temper the rising flames within.

I sat down breathing heavily one of the most difficult thing in this world is to control your anger , I think the most strongest person in this world is he who can control their anger .

" Thank you didi ( sister ) " one of the kid thank me diverting my mind from that mannerless man .

A soft smile appear on my lip " your welcome " I pat their cheeks just then their mother came .

Giving her some money from my earning I left for home dreading the reaction of my step mother and sister who hates me with the bottom of their heart .


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