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Chapter 1

My name is Rebecca Eyre, I live in Seattle with my mom and sister, but I'm hiding a dark secret: I'm in love with Jayden Foster, and every day it gets harder to take him with me for the simple fact that he's the popular guy and I'm still being the invisible girl for as long as I can remember. I was just the one who helped him with calculus in high school, and now all I want is for him to look at me the way he looks at other girls, so this year I've decided to get closer and maybe... maybe he can fall in love with me... .

I closed the paper as soon as the high school bell rang and walked into the crowd of students. On the first day we tend to put ourselves aside and avoid being social for fear of not fitting in, and then people come into our lives who make us want to value every second of our lives even when you plunge into dark situations and that terror persists at the bottom of a hard heart that really struggles to be cheerful.

That's me, the hard hearted girl looking for a reason to be happy.

As my secret crush on a boy who has never noticed me consumes me, I look around for the kind of guy who would help me get into Seattle University. In the distance I saw him: glasses, a double jacket and two backpacks: one for his books and the other for his laptop.
Is he.

"Hello." AΒ voice near my shoulder argued, stopping me.

"Hello," I replied as I peered at him cautiously. He was handsome as a metallic horseman straight out of fantasy novels, with dark hair, bushy eyebrows, and arresting green eyes.

β€œYou were waiting for me?” I ask.

β€œI'm actually waiting for someone.” I sounded sharp. β€œNormally those kind of cute guys didn't usually strike up conversations with a girl in hobo clothes.”

β€œI'm Denzel Derricks.” He explained. β€œHe was wearing a red leather jacket, ripped black jeans and boots with the same color straps.”

β€œRebecca Eyer.” I clutched my books to my chest. β€œAnd you must be that Derricks who would guide me on my first day.”

"Did you expect someone else, Rebecca?" He hesitated, his tone serious and husky, as if he were annoyed.
β€œYou are not what I expected.” I confessed.

"Did you expect Denzel Derricks to be one of those nerds that girls like you tend to associate with?" smug, I said in my mind.

"Are you telling me I'm boring?" My hands were sweating, at any moment I could drop my books if I continued with this stupid weakness.

In that moment, when I thought the awkwardness couldn't get any worse, Jayden swept down the aisle with the other boys, like an angel tearing from the abyss.

"Oh, I understand. You're having one of those mental orgasms with Foster.” Denzel mentioned, I looked at him deeply focusing some hatred. This boy was cute on the outside, but inside he was shameless and cynical.

β€œI do not know what you're talking about.” I lied.

β€œDo you have a girlfriend.” Denzel commented. β€œAren't you worried about that?”

β€œI know you have a girlfriend.” I replied irritated and sad at the same time. β€œJust guide me to my stupid living room, will you? I started walking, and Derricks did the same with his hands in his pockets. He had a height advantage on me, and he seemed to work out too much, maybe that's why he knew Jayden, because they were both into sports.”

I stared at my journal for a few seconds, the only safe view for me was the ground. If I kept my feet balanced and my arms tight on the journal where I hid all my secrets, I felt safe.
"Your turn in 201." He stopped.

β€œWon't you come with me?” I inquired.

β€œYou have feet, hands, and a brain. You don't need me, Eyre.” He crossed his arms. But something tells me you want something more from me.

β€œI have no friends, and I don't know the place. If you could be kind and....

β€œMy God, Rebecca. I am your guide, I don't mind being your friend.” My body tensed, and I slowly turned around as I died of embarrassment.

Seriously, Bec, did you have to tell a stranger to become your friend? You are amazing!

"But I could make an exception." He spoke again. β€œI see you in the school newspaper, it's room 101, next to reception. I'll need some help.”

"Thank you, Denzel.” I told.

...He's conceited, he thinks he can make people a…

I scratched out the writing as soon as the bell rang. Arriving at the dining area I made a long line to get some salad and a water, and then everything became overwhelming. I found a table alone at the end, which was dirty by the way. Whenever I chose places to eat they smelled like rags or were dirty.

After I began to write with better clarity, I needed to clear my mind of everything.

Dear diary, today I met Denzel Derricks, I must say that it is not what I expected, but... it is something peculiar and difficult to explain... Densel is

β€œWhy so alone?” I immediately closed the diary as five guys approached me. One of them was Jayden. Oh, my God. Jayden Foster was looking at me. And his dark-haired friend is biting into my apple. At what point did they come to me and chew my food?

'No need to bother her, Joe, she's busy writing in her diary.” Jayden spoke up.

"Do you want us to leave you, pretty?" Joe spoke again.

"My name is Beck.” I corrected.

β€œOh, aren't you the girl who tutored me once?” Jay raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"And by saying that she tutored you, do you mean that you had one night with her or what, Foster?" Joe eyed me curiously. Jayden didn't answer anything, but his gaze was penetrating me as if he was curious, as if he was mentally deciphering if he ever talked to me before or I don't know...

β€œLeave her alone.” Boomed a thick voice, the boys pushed past and Denzel appeared.

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