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β€œMiss Camille Davidson, what a small world?” A chill went through me when I heard his dark, yet sexy, voice. I lifted my chin to look at him. Once my eyes locked with his, I couldn’t stop myself from shivering. He was no longer the man he was eight years ago. He appeared to be formidable and cruel. His blue eyes nearly looked dark due to rage.Β 

As I gripped the serving tray, I retreated my steps, my cheeks burning from humiliation. Everyone was watching us with keen interest. There was a time when Scott Martinez used to work for me, and now I am working for him. I was fully aware of his intentions. I knew why he was there and what he wanted from me. This time he would never let me go after all I was the one who had destroyed his small world.Β 

I murdered his brother.Β 


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