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Author's Note/ Characters

         This is Uvy. This note is important so please first read it and then proceed to the next chapters.

This story is not related to any kind of real fact, if you know some same story or a real fact it is purely a coincidence. Please do not copy these or translate them in any form without permission.

  This is my story,  my work and I am really possessive about my stuff. So please understand.

This story doesn't have any objective such as to harm people or their thoughts and feelings.
Oh! Most Indians don't have a middle name so there will be no middle name for these characters.

Well even if some of us have the middle name, I don't. 🙂🙂


Kabir Ramírez

       Age - 34 years old
       Originality - Canadian born but dad is Cuban and mom is Indian.

Relatives - Younger Sister: Kaira Jai Singh
Brother in law: Jai Singh
Mother: Aparna Ramírez

Relationship Status - Divorced

Best friends - Klaus Fredrico and Johan West

Children- None

Education - Graduated with an Economics and Statistics degree
Post graduated with MBA in international business and finance

Occupation - Entrepreneur of Ramírez Global Enterprise


Heer Mital

Age- 21 years old

Originality - Indian born but brought up in South Africa by Aunt and Uncle

Relatives -  Older brother: Tanish Mital
Younger Brother/Twin: Parth Mital
Younger Sister: Jia Mital
Sister in law: Divya Tanish Mital
Mother: Sandhya Mital

Best friends - Shanaya Shroff and Vihaan Shroff

Relationship status - Single

Children - None

Education - Obtaining a Hotel management degree

Occupation -  Manager at Moon and Stars Restaurant

Please read this book if you are 18+ only.
Cause there is rape, abuse, crime, etc...
To make some people clear the book hasn't been edited. I wrote this book in 2020 in lockdown and have not even read it yet.

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