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“John 1:5-9— and the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. — 

All a sudden the brightest light came out of nowhere—— which made a fright out of him. 

 The light shines bright even brightly and the angels of darkness couldn’t comprehend. 

 With the angel of the Lord which the bright light was coming from saying—. Out—out of him in the name of Jesus!” 

 As I watched the evil one screeching and groaning in agony. Out—out of him in the name of Jesus.” He said. 

   While his light shines even brighter I saw the being squealing in agony. 

 Because the bright light was so bright, where I saw Lucifer flung out the man he was possessing who was squealing and groaning in anguished. 

  All of a sudden, it appeared with me holding the Holy Bible. As I marched up to him while the bright light still shining. I saw Lucifer shaking as I marched up to him. 

 “You are a loser. And you will always be a loser since Jesus is in me.” I said. 

 With the Devil crying as I continually kept telling him that. So that’s where my dream ended, this early in the morning.’

 ‘Knock—knock—knock!’ Jesus—! Who could that person be in this early in the morning?’ She wondered. 

 Without insisting, she quickly opens the door but astonishing to see the unknown black man at her door.  





Publication Date: 11-07-2019

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