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PRAISE FOR The Red Rider Saga

(from previous editions)

“I got sucked in from the beginning. … I was up all night reading, imagining and feeling for this poor girl

… heartbreak and twists and adventure all rolled into one. … This is a book to let a young woman read to teach about inner strength and what one young girl can do against so many odds. That one action can accomplish so much. This book gets my absolute seal of approval. I could even picture this story on the big screen!

Angi Burns ~Rabid Readers Book Blog

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“Get ready to see the classic tale reimagined as you’ve never seen it before. … transforming a children’s fairy tale into a supernatural action thriller with a Zorro-style vigilante.”

A.K. Preston, author of The Gevaudan Project ( ( (

“A thrilling paranormal Red Riding Hood. … a well-written retelling with a twist and a much stronger Red. … would recommend it to anyone who likes paranormal thrillers or reimagined fairy tales.

C.S. Wachter, author of The Sorcerer’s Bane ( ( (


“Action filled novel. Journey of a teenage girl. A story of love, courage, friendship and more. The author has got it all in this book.”

Jay Deb, author of The Assassin

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“[Randall]’s unauthorized sequel to Little Red Riding Hood blends great characters with a compelling storyline and places it in the middle of a legendary premisè… a well-told story about seeking justice rather than revenge and finding a way to properly overcome evil. What I liked best about this tale was that this little girl was a flawed character—and she seemed to have all rights to believe the way she believed and think the way she thinks—but [Randall] is careful not to glorify the fact she wants revenge. In fact, the story is about Red learning through her quest to destroy the wolves that revenge will, in fact, destroy herself. It’s a big concept and [Randall] does it well.”

Josh Olds, Life is Story

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“There are stories with great writing styles. Those that have amazing plots. Those that sustain your attention with every word. Ones that exceed your expectations of great lines, with a satisfying ending. Mr. [Randall]

accomplished all of these aspects. I can only hope that the right person will come across The Red Rider and turn it into a movie that is sure to be a box-office hit.”

Kym McNabney, Story Contributor, Childhood Regained: Stories of Hope for Asian Child Workers by Jodie Renner and Steve Hooley



(from previous editions)

“Full of thrilling discoveries and heart-pounding adventure! Helena “Red” is as complex, driven, and bold as Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games). You will be cheering for her from the start!”

( ( (

“This book was fantastic!!!!!!! Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. A fantastic twist on the original Red Riding Hood. Helena is my hero.”

( ( (

“Fantastic, suspenseful retelling of Red Riding Hood. A story of wolves and black magic. How the beautiful, innocent child Helena, becomes the physically scarred, determined, skillful hunter of wolves. How the stuff of nightmares becomes reality for a whole community, and a young woman's strength and overwhelming desire to completely destroy the terror that haunts her dreams and waking moments. Powerful imagery, wonderful storytelling. I thoroughly recommend it.”

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“Definitely not what I expected. There were plenty of twists and turns packed into this book. A good read for any fairytale/fantasy lover.”

( ( (

“While the story takes place in France a long time ago, it has a contemporary feel to it, and the story moves quickly. You find yourself rooting for the main character. I'll certainly buy the next [D.A. Randall]

novel if it's as good as this one.”

( ( (


“The Red Rider is a well written book full of adventure, mystery, twists and turns with a fair

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