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Copyright © G.A. Hauser, 2013

Cover design by Mark Antonious Richfield

Photograph by Dennis Dean

Edited by Stacey Rhodes

ISBN Trade paperback: 978-1482-7433-7-1

The G.A. Hauser Collection LLC

This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons,

living or dead, or business establishments, events or

locales is coincidental.

All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this may be used or

reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written

permission, except in the case of brief quotations

embodied in critical articles and reviews.


This book contains material that maybe offensive to some:

graphic language, homosexual relations, adult situations.

Please store your books carefully where they cannot be

accessed by underage readers.

First The G.A. Hauser Collection LLC publication:

March 2013



Your non-refundable purchase of this e-book allows you to

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owner of this book. This book cannot be copied in any

format, sold, or otherwise transferred from your computer

to another through upload to a file sharing peer to peer

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Such action is illegal and in violation of the U.S. Copyright

Law. Distribution of this e-book, in whole or in part,

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“The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this

copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright

infringement, including infringement without monetary

gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by

up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of


Dennis Dean Images

Award-winning photographer Dennis Dean continues to

make his mark as an internationally known photographer. He is

credited for his creative abilities, strong composition, and

dramatic lighting. Dennis specializes in state of the art digital

photography for fitness, fashion, and fine art.

Dennis published his first art book, "Within Reach" to rave reviews, which led to his work being showcased in a plethora of

art publications, fitness magazines, calendars, greeting cards, as

well as countless exhibitions, including two in London at the

Adonis Art Gallery.

He is the founder of Dennis Dean Images and creative

director and photographer of Five Star Monkey's Ruff Riders and

Live Free Be Strong brands. He is also the editorial

photographer for Mark and Passport Magazines, having shot countless covers and fashion layouts.

Dennis is proud to be partnering with Fort Lauderdale’s

Royal Palms Resort & Spa showcasing his work in all the rooms,

bar and grill, the spa and fitness center. Stop by the resort to see Dennis’ work, or make an appointment for a photo session at


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Chapter 1

Wearing his costly Ralph Lauren suit and tie, Braxton Todd

stood in his office overlooking the downtown Hollywood hills

through the brown smoggy haze. The spring had brought rains

and wind, but when the air grew still, the LA aura of brown, a

tarnished halo for the city of night, appeared.

His Bluetooth on his ear, Braxton paced, glancing at his

computer screen as he spoke. “Don’t you worry, babe. I’ll have

every A-List celeb there for the screening. You just get decked

out in something fabulous. You’re going to be the next big

Hollywood thing.”

“Thank you so much, Braxton! Having you as my PR man

has made so much of a difference. I really appreciate what

you’ve done for me.”

“My pleasure, Monique. It’s what I get paid for.” Braxton

watched his second line lighting up. “Let me go, babe. You just

text me or my assistant if you need anything before Saturday.”

“I will.”

“Bye.” He tapped his ear piece, “Braxton Todd.”

“Hello, darling!”

Judging by the thick Italian accent, Braxton knew this was

Sophia Deluca. “Hi.”

“Just making sure you don’t forget the charity auction this

Saturday night.”

“Shit.” He had. He rubbed his face and checked his calendar

on his handheld device. “I even wrote it in. Okay. Uh…” He

tried to figure out how to be in two places at once.”

“Braxton…” was said admonishingly.

“Chill, Sophia.” He tapped with his thumbs to add a reminder

to his application on his phone. “What time does it start?”

“Eight. We’re having the champagne dinner then the auction,

darling. Of course you must be there! No excuse…eh?”

“Then you really don’t need me until nine or ten.”

“Don’t you disappoint me. You’re going to be one of the

biggest fundraisers we show. I so much have been promoting


Braxton laughed sadly and stood, looking out the window of

the tenth floor offices again. “I’m up for sale to the highest

bidder. How appropriate.”

“Of course! You will be a smash! We will have several

highest bidders. I’ve news for you, darling, anyone who donates

is going to win a date with you. Three times, dates. Three.”

Braxton rubbed his face as the idea brought some trepidation.

“They understand it’s just for dinner, right? I mean, I’m not

whoring myself out.”

“Braxton! It’s for cancer research! That is insulting.”

“My luck I’ll get some stalker who will think I’ll become





Involuntarily Braxton sneered.

“Yes. Of course. They may become infatuated with you, you

gorgeous thing, but they are only bidding on a date. No funny


“I only do ‘one dates’. I never see a person twice.”

“Then perhaps you are a whore, yes?” She laughed as she


“Yeah. I know. A picky one. Okay, Sophia, I’m swamped.

Let me go.”

“Nine latest! Do not let me down!”

“No. I’ll be there. I will.” Braxton tried to add it to every

calendar and device he owned to remind him.

His assistant Brianna entered his office, waiting by the door

as he spoke on the phone. Braxton held up his index finger to

indicate one minute.

“You cannot forget. I will call you all night so you


“How did you rope me into this? Christ.” He ran his hand

through his hair.

“I no rope you. You volunteer.”

“Oh.” He couldn’t remember what he had for lunch an hour

ago so he never recalled offering to do this event. “Gotta go.” He

disconnected the line and Brianna approached him with a

handful of paperwork.

“What’ve ya got?” he asked her, looking down at the forms.

“The list of celebs who agreed to show up on the red carpet

for the next four premieres, and a selection of caterers chomping


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