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Copyright © June 2011, S. K. Yule

Cover art by For the Muse Designs © June 2011

Amira Press

Charlotte, NC 28227

ISBN: 978-1-936279-93-7

No part of this e-book may be reproduced or shared by any electronic or mechanical means, including but not limited to printing, file sharing, and e-mail, without prior written permission from Amira Press.

Lycan Heat

S. K. Yule

Chapter One

“Come on, Janine. I already agreed to come with you two to these God forsaken woods in the middle of nowhere. Can’t we at least listen to some good music?”

When her sister rolled her eyes at her, Sherry promptly rummaged through her bag until she found her MP3 player. After turning it on, she stuck the earbuds in her ears and cranked up one of her favorites by Lady Gaga. She was so not into country, and that meant anything concerning music or nature. She would much rather spend a weekend getaway lying on a sandy beach overlooking the ocean with cabana boys bringing her drinks—

not that she’d ever gotten to do that either, but one day, she planned to.

Why her sister would choose to spend every weekend in the freaking jungle was more than her mind could comprehend. While she and Janine were close, they were polar opposites. Janine had always liked nature. The closest Sherry wanted to get to nature was the Discovery channel.

When Janine looked back at her, she playfully stuck her tongue out at her sister. Janine’s frown was proof of her lack of amusement. Raze, Janine’s husband, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the exchange between the sisters. The twinkling pair of clear gray eyes peering at her in the mirror gave testament to that fact.

Janine had met Raze only a few months ago, and while Sherry had been a bit hesitant about the guy, it hadn’t taken her long to realize that Janine and Raze were head over heels in love. She was glad Janine had found someone like Raze, but something about him was strange. She just couldn’t put her finger on exactly why she thought so. The way he moved, the way he watched her sister, reminded her of a predator. While she genuinely liked Raze, he still set her a bit on edge at times with his intenseness.

Sometimes she wondered if she’d ever find the right guy. She wanted that one-of-a-kind true love. She wanted a soul mate, a man who could make her toes curl with a mere smile or a brush of his fingertips on her cheek. She sighed. She definitely wasn’t going to find him out in the middle of nowhere because her ideal man would so not be the woodsy type. She didn’t want a 1

Lycan Heat

S. K. Yule

wussy man who liked pedicures, manicures, or who spent more time in the bathroom than she did, but she didn’t want Tarzan either.

She was beginning to wonder how her sister had finally managed to talk her into coming with her and Raze on their routine weekend trek to the woods—Sanctuary, as Janine referred to it. Sherry had been refusing her invitations for so long, the thought of seeing the disappointed look on her face one more time had finally made her cave. Janine had done so much for her since the crash that had killed their parents. While Janine never expected anything in return, Sherry still felt indebted to her sister. She knew that if she hadn’t had a sister as wonderful as Janine, she might have ended up under the state’s care until she’d reached the age of eighteen.

It had been tough for them after the wreck. Money had been tight, but Janine had started a cupcake business, and had made sure she and Sherry were provided for. Her brows furrowed. Come to think of it, lately she hadn’t noticed the pronounced limp Janine had been plagued with after the shattered leg she’d gotten as a result of that horrific accident. She’d have to ask her sister about that later. It was extremely odd that it would just go away since she’d suffered the limp for several years now.

She’d tried her best to be a good kid after the wreck, not wanting to cause Janine any more grief than she’d already suffered—than they’d both suffered—in their young lives. She was aware she hadn’t always been an angel. Yet, Janine had always handled those situations with great care for her sensitive feelings. If taking a weekend trip into the freaking Amazon would make her happy, she’d do it. She only hoped after she proved to her sister once and for all how thoroughly she hated nature, she’d leave her be from now on where that matter was concerned.

She stretched and smoothed the green cotton of her sundress down over her legs. It was getting cooler out since fall started to take hold, but she hadn’t been able to resist the opportunity to wear her favorite dress one last time before putting it away for the winter. She let her head rest against the back of the seat and must have dozed because the next thing she knew, the bouncing of the car jarred her awake as the smooth highway they’d been on was no more, and an uneven dirt lane took its place.


Lycan Heat

S. K. Yule

“We’re almost there.” Janine smiled.

Sherry forced a smile and almost giggled at the sight of her sister’s excitement. She thought her sister was gorgeous with her pale blonde hair and soft blue eyes. Her clear, creamy skin would make many women envious.

She had been fortunate herself to have good skin as well, a gift from their mother. However, their skin was about the only similarity they shared. Janine was a bit taller and had more curves, and Sherry was shorter, thinner, and had a shape that resembled a ruler—straight and narrow. Also, Sherry’s hair was a coppery red and her eyes were green,

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