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Lycan Contempt


S. K. Yule

Copyright © September 2012, S. K. Yule Cover art by Mina Carter © September 2012

Formatting by Bob Houston eBook Formatting Amira Press

Charlotte, NC 28227 ISBN: 978-1-937394-62-2

No part of this e-book may be reproduced or shared by any electronic or mechanical means, including but not limited to printing, file sharing, and e-mail, without prior written permission from Amira Press.

Chapter One

“I thought you loved me, Connie. Were al those late night, whispered promises al bulshit?” Anger and hurt burned through Kish’s chest as he waited for an answer from the woman he’d falen in love with over a year ago, the woman he thought had falen in love with him.

Her flawlessly painted red lips—lips he’d kissed more times than he could count—puckered up in a pout that could rival Marilyn Monroe’s. Now that pout, the one she’d frequently used on him to get her way, had no effect on him other than pissing him off even more than he already was. She must have finaly figured that out since her mouth turned down into a scowl.

“Don’t be so overdramatic, Kishy.” She glided to him. Gliding was the only way to describe the obviously practiced, overexaggerated sway of her slim hips. When she reached up and ran her fingers down the undamaged side of his face, longing danced in her eyes. Kish knew exactly what she was thinking because he’d seen that look many times before.

She wished that the right side of his face matched the left. But it didn’t, and he’d been dumb enough to believe that she had seen past his imperfection. God, he was a fucking fool. Once again, he’d handed his heart to a woman who didn’t deserve it, a woman that like al the others at the start of the relationship, had insisted that the scars didn’t matter when they realy did. He looked her up and down.

She was perfect in every way—perfect lips, perfect body, perfect black hair that fel into perfect waves around her perfect oval face. Too bad the inside didn’t match the outside. Too bad he hadn’t seen her for what she realy was—a shalow, uncaring, selfish bitch—until now.

“How many times have I told you not to cal my Kishy?” He curled his lip at her.

The endearment he’d let her get by with because he loved her and thought she’d loved him now made him feel like a dog getting its fur stroked the wrong way—irritated as hel and ready to snap.

Anger quickly marred her beautiful features.

“Come on. You had to know that one day it would come to this.” She shrugged as she turned and walked across the room. “Don’t get me wrong. You are gorgeous, but no matter how I feel about you, I can’t make everyone else overlook your little imperfection.”

“What the fuck does it matter what everyone else thinks?”

She laughed a tinkle of a giggle that scraped over his raw nerves as effectively as fingernails on a chalkboard. He ground his teeth together.

“You know what kind of crowd I run with.” She sat in front of the vanity in the bedroom they’d shared for the past several months.

“Oh yes. Yes. I do know that.”

Rich snobs who thought they were better than everyone else whose main goal in life was to party as hard as possible while schmoozing with others whom they deemed to be good enough to be within their presence. People who thought they were flawless in every way even when they were sniffing cocaine and drinking enough alcohol to keep ten bars in business.

Why had he been gulible enough to believe Connie was different?

He glanced at the bed. The rumpled silk sheets made his stomach churn. Less than two hours ago, they’d made love in that bed, and now she was giving him the fuck-off speech. The fact that their lovemaking had obviously been a one-for-the-road didn’t help his boiling temper, didn’t do anything but rub salt in the wound she gashed deeper into his heart with every careless word from her once-kissable mouth.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, Kishy.” She unscrewed the mascara and began applying it thickly to her fake eyelashes.

Kish squeezed his hands into fists until his knuckles cracked. He ached to punch a hole in the wal, but he’d never let her see how much she was tearing him apart. He’d never give her the satisfaction.

“I thought since you were rich, I could convince people to overlook the scars, but some simply insist upon perfection.”

“So because a few of your bitchy, tight-ass friends don’t like my scars, you’re going to dump me? It’s that easy for you after al we’ve been through?”

Connie shrugged. “Look.” She set the mascara down and eyed him in the mirror. “I thought you might be a refreshing change from the usual guys I date. You’re great and al, but it’s time for me to move on.”

“In other words, our relationship was some sick experiment of yours.” He forced the words through clenched teeth. “You never gave one shit about me.

Everything that you ever said to me was a fucking lie.”

She sighed. “No. I meant when I said you were good in bed.” She gazed at his crotch and licked her lips. “That is one thing I wil definitely miss about you.

You have the tools to satisfy me, but that can’t account for everything, unfortunately.”

It amazed him that in less than five minutes, every ounce of desire he once had for this woman drained out of him as quickly as floodwater from an opened dam. How could she sit there nonchalantly primping and dumping him as if he were nothing more than an annoying fly she was shooing away?

A tick started in his jaw that matched each heartbeat. “I cannot believe I thought I loved you.”

This was the last time he’d trust his heart to a woman.

She giggled again. “Oh. I’m easy to love. Men fal in love with me al of the time.”

“Yeah? Wel thank God you know how to conceal that shalow bitch that

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