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Love across the pages


Copyright L.A Speedwing 2012

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About this book

ThiseBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This eBook maynot be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like toshare this book with another person, please purchase an additionalcopy for each reader. If you are reading this book and did notpurchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then pleasepurchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work ofthis author.

About theauthor

I live inDublin, Ireland where I enjoy daily the rain and wind. In fact,nothing makes me happier than when the heavens break beneath me ona daily basis.

On aseparate note, I’d love to hear from you, readers. So do nothesitate to review this book or email your opinions atlaspeedwing @ yahoo (dot) ie.

"Miss Benton,you were late again this morning!"

The monster wasback. Standing in the middle of her office, her boss, Mr Payton hadstormed in just as she was getting ready to bring the file to hisoffice.

"Sorry MrPayton, it's Mac...I told you about him..."

“MissBenton, is this file ready or not?” he interruptedicily.

She flickedthrough the last report she had typed for him and gathered them ina file. If he knew how many times she thought about him whiletyping reports, minute meetings, correspondence and newsletters forhim, it would put to shame the most productive dreamer.

A word for athought. Since she typed fifty words a minute, on a daily basisthat would make her think of him…well…way too manytimes!

“MrsBenton, I think those pages are well stacked togethernow!”

“Sorry, I’m a little distracted lately…I suppose it’sbecause…”

"I'm not payingyou to hear your love life, am I? ..." he barkedfurious.

She gazed at himshocked. Today the monster was at its worst. In fact in thelast few weeks, he’d been irritable as hell. Looking straight intothe blue eyes, she wondered how someone could have such clear blueeyes and a temper as dark as he did.

"Mr Payton, I'dlike ..." she began.

"Yes, what wouldyou like? I, for a start would like this file..."

Slightlyannoyed, she took a deep breath and handed the heavy file tohim.

His long elegantfingers clasped around it. Without a smile, without even a thankyou, he glared at her.

"And one pieceof advice, leave your personal life where it belongs, outside thisoffice!"

Howdare he!

Hislove life was all the fourth floor could speak about and he daredto give her lectures?

She suddenlypulled the file back.

Now it was histurn to be shocked.


"Mr Payton…” shecut him, “I'd like to make something very clear. My love life is myown. And if you were as discreet as I am, I with the rest ofthe staff wouldn't have to put up with half of the gossip whichconcerns you!"

Mr Paytonsmiled. When a minute ago he looked furious, her boss seemed nowdelighted with her reply.

"Ah jealousy atlast! it took you some time!” he said gleefully.

"What? You thinkI'm jealous of those rumours? Of a tyrant who has nothing to do allday than harass people around him!"

"Not people,Miss Benton, just you!"

"You'redeliberately harassing me?" she asked her eyes wide.

For the firsttime, Mr Payton seemed ill at ease. He ran a hand through hisblack jet hair and let out a loud breath.

"Anything tobring your attention back onto me..." he said deliberatelyslow.

She watched withfascination the slow movement of his hand and finally caughtherself.

"'re a manipulative selfish individual and I'vejust enough of you...! I quit!" She flattened out the file on herdesk.

He gave her astartled look.

For a second shefelt liberated and victorious. Her eyes flashed as she defied himto do anything about it. Yet the feeling didn't last as a slowsmile began to form on his full lips.

"Yet my handsare still empty! The file, Ms Benton!"

"You!! You'llhave to get it yourself!"

He crossed hisarms full of arrogance.

"If you want anice reference letter I suggest you hand me this file rightnow!

Blackmail? He was going to blackmail her if he didn't do asshe was told?

Tohell with him!

She flung hercoat on her shoulders and walked around her desk.

He was watchingher every move. His lips thinned.

"So? Do youreally want to take the risk of never finding another job? BecauseI will make it happen!"

She jerked herhead up to look at him. Towering over him, he never looked moremenacing.

She stared athim, then at the file, then at her desk. It was a beautifulmahogany desk which she had used for three years. Three years shehad suffered his mood swings until she had noticed her heartsuffered along with every of his mood swings.

"I'll take thatrisk!"

He caught herwrist.

"What must I doto keep you from leaving?"

 The pressure of his fingers on her created a wave of heat. Inseconds, the heat invaded her every limb until her heart pulsed somadly in her chest she was afraid he would hear it.

"Take your handoff me!" she spat.

Wasit not enough she was at his mercy emotionally, she now had tobe at his physical mercy?

Sensing he hadgone too far, he released her.

Tensed, shereached for the file and handed to him unceremoniously.

"Will there beanything else Mr Payton?" she said between her teeth.

"For Heaven'ssake, Virginia, how did we come to this? You drive meinsane!"

"I driveyou insane?"

"Yes, you! Ionly circulated those false rumours so you would be jealous but allI succeeded was to make you leave me!"

"Youcirculated...jealous?" she said interrupting herself.

"Yes, this Macof yours, I'm sick of hearing about him..." He sighed heavily. "Hedoesn't know how lucky he is..."

"Mr Payton, youdon't get it..."

"No, please callme Harry. How many times do I have to tell you! Or do I have tobrand my name on your lips!"

As he said it, awild glint danced in his eyes. Suddenly he threw the file behindher, leaned over her and took her lips.

Tensed, shetried to push him away. Urgent and demanding at first, his kissbecame soft, gentle. Virginia's body began to melt and as sheresponded to him, he wrapped both his hands around her neck andhis kiss grew more passionate.

 Finally he moaned and withdrew from her. 

Surprised she looked up to him out of breath.

"How canyou respond to me this way when you have someone else in yourlife?"

"How can I workfor you when you never

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