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1. Elin

2. Dylan

3. Elin

4. Dylan

5. Elin

6. Dylan

7. Elin

8. Elin

9. Dylan

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Chosen MateCybermates

Candace Ayers

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Sassy siren. Alluring beauty. Fragile human.

Elin has a dream

To mate a shifter

To form a family

It’s a rule of nature—shifters don’t leave their mates.

Dominant alpha. Jungle beast. Sexy feline.

Dylan has a duty

To breed his females

To build his Pride

It’s a rule of nature—lions don’t have mates.

Fated mates. Star-crossed lovers.

Two months ago, the sexy lion shifter with the killer smile and smoldering eyes swept into Elin’s life like a whirlwind, then disappeared just as quickly.

When Dylan ran, he hadn’t realized he was making the biggest mistake of his life, or that he was leaving behind more than a beautiful woman and a broken heart.



Waving a water stained magazine back and forth in front of my face to ward off the heat, I tripped over a plastic tote, landed on an air mattress, and catapulted myself headfirst into my bedroom closet. Fortunately, I sustained no serious injuries. I took a hanger to the forehead, but I’d purged wire hangers years ago after watching Mommy Dearest, so it didn’t leave a mark.

My entire cottage resembled a war zone. In the two months I’d lived in Sunkissed Key, I’d already dealt with a small army of rodents, a palmetto bug infestation, and now a burst water pipe.

Despite the ninety degree heat, I had to leave the air conditioning off and the windows open to dry out my soggy life. Belongings—I meant soggy belongings.

Damp clothes hung over every surface. Hastily packed plastic totes dotted the living room, and trash bags stuffed with waterlogged books, papers and magazines were piled near the door.

The landlord was apparently vacationing in Jamaica. Who vacationed in Jamaica when they already lived in the Florida Keys? That made zero sense.

And where were my red pumps? I continued to dig through plastic bins and navigate treacherous piles to no avail. Finally, I found them buried in the back of my closet under a sleeping bag and an old set of luggage.

Once my outfit was completed, I did a spin in front of the full length mirror. The black cocktail dress was tasteful but daring, form-fitting but not skin tight, and it fell just above mid-thigh to reveal a decent amount of leg. A little overdressed for ladies night at Mimi’s, but I looked good. Good enough to catch a husband, to quote Mildred Larsen-Pierce—aka my mother—which was exactly my intent.

My solo search had thus far proven to be futile, if not downright nauseating, but tonight was another opportunity to beg, bribe, and cajole Parker Pettit. Her Cybermates site was my best chance at landing a shifter mate.

I stifled a yawn, sucked back the last swallow of my fifth iced coffee, and entered the one room in the house that was pristine—the kitchen. I’d been awake sixteen hours, most of which had been spent working on blogging and video editing.

I slid the tripod back just a little to catch the perfect camera angle before filming myself as I removed my special-recipe homemade chocolate fudge brownies from the oven and resting the pan of ooey-gooey heavenly goodness on a cooling rack.

They smelled incredible. I was tempted to steal a little nibble, but I already shouldered a truckload of guilt courtesy of a master guilt-tripper—my very own Mommy Dearest. According to Mildred Larsen-Pierce, baked goods were a highly effective weapon in a single woman’s arsenal, but they were meant to lure men in, not let seams of dresses out.

I stared into the camera. “And here they are, folks. The most mouthwateringly delicious brownies you’ve ever tasted. You can find this recipe in my new cookbook, Elin’s Tasty Treats, available now on Amazon. I’ll have the link below in the description.”

I scowled at the brownies.

They looked delectable.

They smelled scrumptious.

Screw it.

Before I could stop myself, I cut a small square from the corner and popped it into my mouth. Then, I did a bouncing dance with my mouth open and my hand flapping in front of my face to fan the molten chocolate while it played hot potato with my tongue.

After finally managing to swallow it, I braced my hands on the counter, drawing in deep breaths.

I’ll edit that part out.

Another deep breath, and a bright smile for the camera.

“Don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button and tap the bell notification icon up in the corner to be notified when a new video has been released. Thank you for watching. Bye”

My tongue tingled from the burn. There was a real chance I’d maim myself someday in some stubbornly defiant act. But, damn, those brownies were good.

After taking a couple still shots of the plated brownies for Instagram and my blog, I wrapped the platter in foil, and headed to my VW Bug for the drive to Mimi’s Cabana.



“I’ve been sleeping with Tom

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