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Chapter One: Love at First Sight

One more year to go, and Leticia can finally graduate from college. 

As an ordinary girl from a middle-class family, paying for her tuition fees and other school expenses is gruelingly difficult, especially since her dream to be a fashion designer requires a lot from her financials. 

"Even so, you ought to go and have fun every now and then, Eya. You're a university student. Act like one already," Vanessa chimed in, halting her train of thoughts by passing her a glass of orange juice.

"I even took you all the way here... Yet in the end, you just bought a cup of coffee, and you didn't even like bitter things."

"T-That's because I'm trying to save money, Nessy. All the sweets are just too expensive for me," Leticia reasoned timidly, her small frame dwindling at her friend's intent gaze.

"Seriously, you..."

And alas, she just gave in. 

Vanessa already bought her the orange juice, anyway. This shy friend of hers was only being modest when she got herself a cup of coffee despite being broke - as usual, that is. 

She just did not want to waste her offer to spend their afternoon break together in this newly-opened cafe near their school.

Vanessa is Leticia's one and only friend, after all - she's this pale-skinned beauty with straight tawny brown hair and a pair of celeste blue eyes. She'd definitely be eager to spend time with her since they're not in the same department.

"Don't touch me!"

At the sound of someone yelling, both of them turn around to look in surprise. Just a couple of tables away from their seats, there's this all-too familiar blonde girl who appears to be infuriated.

"Huh? Is that... Our university's supermodel?! That Alice?!" Vanessa blurted out in flummox as soon as she recognized their famed senior.

"Y-Yeah, she is... But that guy..."

More than this prominent figure, though, Leticia is more concerned with the person in front of her. He has pitch black hair and a couple of dark grey irises, and though he has a well-developed build, his thick-rimmed glasses and shabby appearance make him look somewhat unsightly to others.

That wasn't what got her attention, however. 

It's the huge coffee stain on his shirt and the dripping liquid droplets from his hair, which seemed to be Alice's doing. The bouquet of roses he's holding was disheveled, and some of the petals even fell on the ground.

"Stop following me around and embarrassing me! I don't ever wanna see your ugly face again!"

With that, she finally stormed out of the cafe, leaving both the staff and onlookers behind in stupefied silence. 

Everyone's now looking at the pitiful guy who just stands by the doorway, a mortified frown marring his frame. At the sight of him brooding all by himself, Leticia flinches at the painful sting in her eyes that are slowly being flooded with tears, feeling heart-wrenched all of the sudden.

She can see herself in him - alone and unwanted. She never really had any experience in romance before since she's an outcast. Every attempt she tried to make when it came to love always ended up futile.

"H-Hey, are you... alright?"

Before Leticia realized it, she already made her way to him and shoved her timid personality aside. She may be socially anxious to a mild extent, but she's still not so heartless that she'd just leave him like that.

"H-Here, if it's alright with you, use my handkerchief for now. I-I also know how to wash off that big of a stain. I-I can tell you how... I-If you want to..." Leticia offered a bit hesitantly, keeping herself together in front of this stranger.

But then, all he did was stare at her in silence, visibly nonplussed. Confused by his dazed reaction, she only tilted her head at him and waited for any coherent response.

"U-Ummm... Sir?"

Now, it only took him ten mere seconds.

...eight, nine, ten.

And he knew he just fell in love at first sight. 





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