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Chapter One

Hi,  I am Jessica Lohan, 21 years of age and a 400 level student in the University of Orlander. I am currently in my college cafeteria arguing with my best friend.  Before I explain the reason there is an argument, let me give you a quick  recap of my life.  I was born in the palace where my Mother works as the Head maid and my father worked as the  Head of guards but he is retired now while my Mom will retire in four months. Yes they met in the palace as a maid and guard and they fell in love, got married, and had me very late in their marriage.Every staff in the pala entitled to a room in the servant quarter while heads of staffs and staffs that have worked for more than fifteen years are entitled to an apartment on the palace grounds, it a very big palace. Once a staff retires or stops working,he or she is no longer entitled to theroom or apartment except the higher ups gives the free will to stay. Six months before I was born,  the queen Annabelle  was delivered of a baby, prince Christian.We basically grew up together, we became best friends and went to the same school from kindergarten to college.

King Henry is so generous that he set a rule that as long as you work at the palace,  your kids educational finances are covered. Of course not the best schools in the state but a good enough one.  As for me,  I went to the best schools where billionaire's children and royalties attended.  You  must be asking how that is possible ,well it's possible because of my best friend Prince Christian.  My mom always tells us stories about when we were younger.  She said I and prince Christian have been friends since we were babies and would follow each other everywhere. When it was time to attend kindergarten,  Prince Christian cried because we were supposed to go to different kindergartens. He cried a lot that he wants to follow me to my kindergarten .This situation made king Henry enrol me to the same kindergarten as Christian's. He used  that technique till we reached middle school.  King Henry explained to him that it was time to go to different  schools but  Christian insisted and said that he needs me as his personal maid. King Henry gave up and consented to it.  Hence,  we went to the same school till college.  I became prince Christian's best friend and personal maid.  He never really treated me as his maid though,  sometimes we even forget that I am supposed to be his maid. Christian was the high school  prince, of cause he is the prince but every girl in school had a crush on him including me.  I started having a crush on him when I was ten and he was almost eleven.  I mean who wouldn't, he his so handsome, sexy, caring,  kind,captain of the football team , rich because his father apart from being the king also owns a billion dollar company and lastly, he his the prince of Orlander. He is perfect in every sense and more reason I don't stand a chance. I mean,  I am just average,  not fat not skinny,  not short not tall, I am average In every sense.  The only parts of me that I love is my curly hair and great skin.  My mom is white and my dad is black so I have a beautiful curly hair and luckily my mom has great genes in the skin department... So yeah. My grades are good enough but not the best , I study business administration same as Christian, I joined the drama club in high school because it was fun, I don't have any special talent,  well my best friend Molly says my talent is my heart and how much I love people,  even if I don't count that as a talent.  My life basically rotates around Christian's.   

Christian and I have three close friends , Molly, Jake and Luke. Molly is my female bestfriend and Christian's cousin.  We met through Christian when we were ten and have been inseparable since then. She's my ride or die and I love her so much. She used to live in Prance but relocated at age ten.  She often came to the palace and we go to the same school so we just hit it off.  Molly is the definition of  a beauty queen and I am not saying this because she's royalty but because she is just naturally beautiful.

She looks like a Victoria Secrets model and that's not surprising because Molly owns one of the best fashion brand in Orlander. She studies Fashion design and her family owns the biggest fashion houses , boutiques and malls in Orlander.  I adore Molly so much and she's the best friend a girl can ever ask for.  Jacob who we call Jake for short is Christian's best friend and Molly's boyfriend . We met Jake in middle school were he and Christian hit it off and became best friends.  Plus Christian's mother and Jake's mother her super tight.  His Father owns different clothing and textile factories in and out of Orlander.  Jake has had a crush on Molly since the day he laid his eyes on her and she totally ignored his feelings saying he could not be trusted because of the swam of girls that chase him.  Molly finally agreed to be his girlfriend in Sophomore year in highschool and they have been so in love.  Molly always say that they are perfect for eachother because his company makes the clothes and textile while her company makes the magic happen with her fashion sense. I know it sounds cheesy but that's just Molly.  I love and admire them so much that sometimes I wish I have what they have,  someone to deeply be in love with me.  OK fine,  not someone but Christian. Lastly,  we all met Luke in the last year of middle school as the new kid. Jake and Christian  said they thought he was cool because of the way he helped them get out of science class which by the way,  I thought wasn't funny because they almost blew up the science lab.  Well Christian and Jake found it hilarious and decided that he should hang out with us. Luke has always been a sport freak and even if Christian is the quarterback and Jake the wild receiver in both high school and now college, he is still one of the best in the football team. His Dad literally owns almost all the Gym in Orlander and he was once a football champion in Orlander back in his days. Luke is the only one among the boys that is continuing his career in football after College. It's what he loves and we love him for that. Now that I am done with the my quick recap,  let's go back to the present. Christian, Molly ,Jake, Luke and I are in the cafeteria and Christian won't stop arguing with me. 

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