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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2020 Kaleb Richardson

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review.

To Mom, Nanny, Pappy, & Uncle Seth


“Okay kids, class is dismissed!” Those are words that I have waited for since I stepped foot in this loathsome classroom. “Remember to read chapters 7-9 and answer all questions on your papers. Also, don’t forget final projects are due in 3 weeks!” I’m still sitting here; pretending to organize papers like I care and remain unnoticed until Ms. Julian tells me to get a move on. I hate everyone in this class, yet here I am... stuck in this prison for the next 42 days. I just keep telling myself, “It’s almost over Heather. It’s almost over. Just a little over 40 days and you’re out of this school for summer.” Dad did say we were going to move so I can find a college that suits me; however, I was always unsure of going to any public school, especially state colleges… those places are always full of horny guys and incompetents. However, South Cal State seemed to fit my major. These are the things that keep me busy as I watch my ‘classmates’ file out the door. There goes Cindy, what a whore. We were close in elementary, but we’ve grown distant. She is a pretty girl though; I can see why she gets a lot of dudes. Derrick, that funny little geek, maybe I don’t hate EVERYONE. Mariah, Marcy, Marcus, Mandy, Milo, Myan; the M gang. Assholes.

“Ms. Hendricks, do you have a reason to still be sitting in my classroom?” Well yes Ms. Tech Julian, I do. I don’t wanna interact with any of those fuckheads that just left, especially not the M’s. Tech is a funny name actually, like technology but it’s not pronounced Tech, more like “Taych”. Hard ‘ch’ sound. So, would that mean there’s an accent over the e? Would it be Téch? I don’t know, anyways, of course I didn’t say that to her. What I did manage to spew out was, “I am sorry Teach. I was making sure I had all my work and did not lose a single paper!” Add the shitty fake smile, always add the fake smile. I listened and I left the room. Sometimes Ms. Julian is sweet; sometimes she’s an asshole like the rest of her last period class. I think she might be bipolar. Or she’s just an asshole to the assholes and forgets she’s being an asshole, so she continues to be an asshole to everyone else. Asshole. Thankfully, like I said; Ms. Julian’s class was the last so maybe I can sneak away and get to my car before anyone can speak to me.

“Heather!” Oh god who could want my attent–ohh! It was Po, probably the sweetest guy you could ever meet! His dad and mine were best friends in the 6th grade. Mr. Gladys always compliments me when he sees me, telling me I’m beautiful and acting like a second father to me; especially with what happened to mom. Dad doesn’t like when I talk about him anymore though. When it comes to Po’s mother, I’m unsure. He won’t ever mention her. I brought it up once and he got super upset at me. Not asking about that again. “Mind if I walk you to your car?” “Not at all Poo.” I responded. “Whatever Heath.” He replied sarcastically with the cutest smile. Okay, maybe I have a crush on Po Gladys. I’ll never admit it though. The only negative I see is that he seems to be my only friend. I don’t have many, well… any, friends. I really appreciate Po for being here for me though! He walked me to my car, as we gossiped about all the ‘fun’ people in our school. Vanetta-Tope High was among the world leaders in break-up’s and make-up’s... well, at least in my head. Po’s too I’m sure. “, then Marcy and Mariah were giving them the silent treatment, and I heard they both slept with them the next day!” He laughed. Po always has the inside information. “I love that you’re always all caught up on the drama between those damn twins.” I said. “Okay, I’ll talk to you soon Po. Please let me know if you’re gonna skip out on school Monday. If you make me suffer through Mr. Solomon’s again, I’ll kill you!” “Ha! I will Trips! Talk to you soon.”

All I could think about on the way home was his handsome face he always makes when he calls me Trips. It’s so genuine, I love it so much.

“Heather Hummingbird Hendricks!”

“What Dad?”

“Can you bring me a tea from the fridge?”

“Yes Dad, give me a second.”

That’s my dad. Calling me by my full name as per usual in the Hendricks household, only when I get home from somewhere too. That’s also why Po calls me Trips, the triple H’s in my name. My dad always asks for a tea too, no matter what. Sometimes he doesn’t want it, or he just doesn’t need it. He usually tells me afterwards if he doesn’t really want it, so I don’t go through all the hustle.

We sat and chatted together, nothing super exciting, just some standard teenage daddy’s girl and her father talk. Made sure he knew I hated most of my classes, as always. He would bring up how Ms. Julian and him used to be close and how much her attitude hasn’t changed. We shared some laughs as the TV created some background noise for us. Even though

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