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CoraLee June Carrie Gray

Copyright © 2020 by June Publishing

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without written permission from the author, except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Editing by: Helayna Trask of Polished Perfection

Interior Photography: Jewels Gray

Created with Vellum

For those that likes to know both sides of a story…



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About the Author

About the Author


This book is a taboo age gap romance. Some themes might be triggering for readers. CoraLee June and Carrie Gray would like to explicitly express that they are advocates for consent. The situations described in this bonus novella are completely fictitious and are not meant to condone, glorify, or support relationships of this nature. This book explores Violet’s attraction to Brian and explains her motivations as a character, as well as provides commentary on their relationship. Please proceed with caution.


I ran a brush through my hair again, admiring the sleek waves and my reflection in the mirror. I took extra time to get ready for my shift at the surf shop today. My lips were shiny with gloss, and my eyes were outlined with thick kohl eyeliner. My crop top showed off the strings of my bikini and my tight stomach.

I’d always taken special care with my appearance. Most mothers taught their daughters normal things. Like how to ride a bike or how to bake a cake. But not mine. Mine taught me that looks should be my most prized possession.

And even though spending hours on my hair and makeup was nothing new, there was no denying that recently I was especially aware of the power in my hourglass figure. I wore the style of clothes my mom had taught me would draw a man’s gaze. The ones that would accentuate the curves of my hips and outline the roundness of my breasts.

I was applying a shimmery peach blush to my cheeks when my phone pinged, alerting me to a text message.

Breeze: Won’t be coming to work today. I think I’m coming down with something. 

I shouldn’t have been happy. If I were a good friend, I would have offered to buy her soup. I definitely wouldn’t have felt a spark of excitement in my stomach.

Me: Bummer. Let me know if you need anything. Will I have the shop to myself? 

Breeze: Nah. Dad will be there. No offense, but he doesn’t trust you not to burn the shop down. 

He would be there.

He would be there. 

My fingers shook as I replied, carefully locking up my excitement.

Me: I knock over a candle ONE time…

Breeze: LOL Have fun. Ttyl Love you.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror one more time and smiled. Time for work.

I parked my cherry red Mercedes, my sixteenth birthday present, outside of the surf shop. I was a few minutes early, so I double-checked my makeup in my visor mirror. Happy with what I saw, I got out and walked into the shop, butterflies swirling furiously in my belly. I didn’t really like working. When I first accepted the job, I mostly did it for a chance to hang out with my best friend after school. It was better than going to my oversized and empty home. But lately I had started coming here for very different reasons.

Brian was behind the counter, ringing up a customer. He was talking cheerfully with a man buying a few blocks of wax, but I noticed his attention shift toward me. I was hyper aware of him. Every shift in his body. The curve of his lips. The entire shop fucking smelled like him. Like salt water and coconut surf wax.

Feeling his piercing blue eyes follow me, I tried to hide the smile that formed on my lips as I walked to the back of the shop. Even though Brian had never done or said anything that was openly out of line, I had started noticing little things. His eyes would linger for just a moment too long, he would use any excuse to start conversations with me, or find reasons for us to be alone.

I knew it was wrong for me to fantasize about him this way, but it made it feel even more exciting. There’s no way I could ever tell Breeze that I had a crush on her dad. She strongly disapproved when she caught me flirting with the new Biology teacher last semester, so I could only imagine how she would feel about this. Maybe one day when we were both old and married, I would tell her and we would laugh about it, but I had a feeling that this was one secret I would take to the grave.

After setting my purse in the back office, I went to the counter and leaned over, giving Brian a good view of my strappy black bikini top. His eyes dipped, and I bowed my back in satisfaction, giving him a healthy view as I licked my lips. The stubble on his jaw looked like it would feel good brushing along my skin. I wanted to feel his soft lips on me.

“Hi, Mr. Shirley, where would you like me today?” I asked while playfully grinning at him. I shamelessly hoped he would pick up on the suggestive undertones in my words. He looked handsome today, wearing his signature board shorts and an unbuttoned top. I could see his defined chest, the casual flair of his sun-kissed hair and the tinge of red on his cheeks. He was strikingly handsome. Tall. Muscular. I was just barely eye level with his chest. The perfect height for a hug. His large body would envelop me in safety and heat.

He swept his eyes up and down my body, lingering

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